Traversing Memories - Chapter 1

Chpt.1 Time and Memory

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Author: Fighterlombax98

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(A/N there will be references from the R and C future saga games) 

The events from the past few days had been really brutal on all people involved as well as both Ratchet and Rivet. They had both sustained pretty bad injuries and were taking time to heal. Rivet was in slightly better shape then Ratchet however due to him retiring after he had dealt with the twins he had gotten out of practice.

Ratchet had sustained cracked ribs and had multiple rubble cuts and burns from enemy fire. Rivet had suffered scrapes and a few burns as well. Clank and Kit were getting to know each other  better as they were both war robots however their paths had been completely different. Kit had gotten the war bot functions while Clank had been a dud however that was due to him getting the abilities of a Zoni and was originally supposed to be the new caretaker of the clock. He had told Kit about Sigmund taking the role instead and mentioned that he wanted to visit Sigmund his brother but, he also knew Ratchet would not be able to handle it so never mentioned it to him. 

That had sparked Kit's curiosity but, she let it go when Clank had glanced towards Ratchet with the saddest expression she had seen from her new friend. She understood enough to know something traumatic had to of happened to the duo for them both to avoid a location. She wasn't going to pry on it as she still had lingering regrets as well from attacking Rivet despite things getting better. After a while everyone had either gone to bed or to a charger in Clank's and Kit's case though she couldn't stop thinking about senerios of what could of happened to have upset Ratchet and Clank so much. 

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