Traversing Memories - Chapter 2

What Do You See In Me?

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Author: Fighterlombax98

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(A/N: rivet will occasionally refer to clank as bolts which was her Nickname for him originally)

3rd person P.O.V

Ratchet awoke the next day and winced when he tried sitting up. His ribs felt like they had been hit with a sledgehammer from them being cracked. His ears went down in obvious discomfort but, had tried to get out of bed however a firm but gently hand had gently put him back into a sitting position followed by Rivet telling him to stay put and Kit was left as a sort of watcher till Rivet came back with nano tech ointment and Clank who was hanging out on her Mag- backpack holder with his new arm in place. 

Clank climbed off the backpack and went to Ratchet scolding him like a protective brother would about moving too much when he was clearly in pain. Rivet could be heard snickering quietly while Kit tried to figure out how Rivet would react if she had confronted her about moving this morning too but, quickly dropped the idea as her and Rivet were still a bit new to this whole companion thing and Kit didn't dare overstep right now. 

Rivet's thoughts

I feel bad for laughing about bolts scolding Ratchet but, he did have a point. Ratchet was in worse shape then me which wasn't surprising. He had been hit by rubble as well as lasers and plasma bullets which would incapacitate most yet he forced himself through it till the ending battle. In that case Ratchet was strong but, also reckless.

He could of easily died in Emporer Nefarious's and my dimension which would of left his dimension without him and he wouldn't be able to find out what he's been searching for. I get why he's scared and though I stepped out of line I am scared too however I feel Ratchet and Bolts are keeping something from their past hidden and I know Kit knows they are hiding something too but, its obviously personal and seems to be mainly bugging Ratchet. 

I get we haven't known each other long but, he's an alternate me yet our lives are completely different. I was raised by Mort while Ratchet was raised by a mechanic named Grim. Ratchet was raised in Veldin while I was brought up in Sargasso. I'm a rebel and he is a hero yet we are getting along as if we were becoming friends. What do Ratchet, Clank and Kit see in me? I was a jerk yet they wanted to team up after we fought together in one huge battle. They could of left me but, they didn't everything is confusing right now but hopefully we can all open up to each other in the future. 

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