Chronicles of Derin

Fiction written by HKY09

Derin, A Civil Engineer from the Solana, Tries to escape the grasp of Chairman Drek...

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(Some names mentioned my NOT be associated with the Series at all.) (This is based during the events of Ratchet and Clank 1: Dreks Demise) The Solana Galaxy… Such a dangerous place to be… If you were in with the right crowds, like the Galactic Administration, you were safe. If you wernt so fortunate, you were with the wrong crowds, like the Drek Administrative of the Orxon Rebublic… We didnt have a choice either… My homeplanet, Tirokos, was invaded by the blarg in a attempt to harvest its natural resources, and I was about to be executed with the higher council. Thanks to a mysterious distraction, I was able to escape… My name… Is Derin, and this is my story…


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Avatar - Taz-dragon
Taz-dragon Jun 19, 2012, 2:45:27 AM

Very good! So far I think this story is very good! 10! When is the next chapter coming out?