Chronicles of Derin - Chapter 1

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Lysisto City,
A Mega Metropolis spread across many island chains on planet Tirokos.
Its the capital of the Lysistic League,
the most powerful memebers would be the Council of Novalis, Planet Hetoris and Planet Itolin…
It is here, where Derin's story begins…
The Lysistic League was bent on stopping Chairman Dreks Forces before they could become the Capital Seat, and they were big enough to be a threat to the Blarg Military, so they planned secretly to attack the more powerful planets of the league, such as Novalis. That, and Novalis had a few amazing systems the blarg wanted for their New World, like their Water Denzilation Plant in Tobruk Crater.

We first noticed things were wrong when the Chairman of Novalis didnt show up to the Political Gatherup in Metropolis. Shortly, we had heard that the Blarg were assualting Planet Novalis, and that the Chairman had gone missing.
A few hours after the attack, he was saved before he would be publicly executed by a unknown asset in Tobruk Crater,
However, Planet Novalis had been devastated. The Citizens who couldnt leave were forced underground, and there was virtually no Novalian Military Personal left who hadnt fled ranks, or been killed in action. This left the league literally defenseless, and quickly, the planets tried their best to recruit asmany people as they possibly could, and AMP up their production centers to their maxiumum capacity.
The Capital, as I remember, had become a fortress.
We were prepared for the waves of Blarg Hoardes when they arrived…

Several Hours after the releasement of the Chairman of Novalis, they arrived.
In numbers beyond counting.
In ships of unimaginable power…
People pointed and screamed, ran away, and the streets of Lysisto quickly became a scrambled mess, several billion people trying to hide within a few seconds would be hopeless…

The blarg ships opened fire first, bombing the outer city areas, landing transports and the sort…
The sky became filled with bright lights, explosions and falling debris, and there were many casualties to the citizens and the Defense Force.
I dont remember any clear details of running through the streets, but I do remember running towards the center of the city, where last minute evacuations were being carried out…
I remember gaping at horror as the blarg shot several of the Evacuation Ships out of existance, and I quickly became skeptical on getting on one.

I dont remember much after that, just the blarg invading the Evac Centers and destroying the Scrapers so they could get a clear shot to the remanants of our military forces.
Even though they were shooting at Civilian Vessels, I wanted to take my chance of escape.
I remember squeezing through the crows at the CUCOI District Evacuation Center.
It was a very bad idea to leave it, as there were many gunfights, flaying robot parts, and heatful explosions everywhere surronding the centers.
The Center of the city had almost been completly flattend, and I tried desperately to find a vehicle that was undamaged enough to fly.
As I found a untouched parking lot, a Blargian Dropship landed not even a few metre's away from myself.
Out poured around 2 and a half dozen blarg troopers, each led in a single file line out of the carpark.
I quickly dived behind a Car, and fumbled around for the doors.
They walked straight past me, I could smell their putrid odours, and see the deep fine wrinkles on their pink, flabby arms.
It was truly terrifying.
After they had passed, I broke into the car.
It was very nice looking, Yellow in color, rims, and a engine that ran on Nitrous Oxide. Lovely.
I was hoping it was a CPU, or a Card Key, or Self Ignition…
To my luck, it was just Hypernating, it was left on…
4 Blarg Soldiers were watching me from the dropship the whole time, and when they heard the engine awake, they screamed into radios at shot at the car.
I, of course, Paniced, and attempted to leave within the car in a very fast, unorganized fashion.
The Blarg shooting programs were no match for the swiftness of this ship!
Where was my next destination, I pondered to myself, and I thought of a place to cold for life to exist…
The Thran Asteriod Belt, a remote set of Sphericle Asteriods that have tempratures that drop to absoloute 0 during its winter!
The blarg have no reason to be there, it would be a perfect hiding spot!
So, I venture into the Deadly Hands of the Thran Asteriod Belt…

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