Thread: Introduce yourself

Hi all, guess it's time I introduced myself.

My name's Vic, I'm 23 and I live in the UK. I'm doing aerospace engineering and spread my free time between gaming, kayaking and aerobatics.
Hopefully I'll get round to posting fan-art at some point…..

See ya out there

Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy, Vic! Hope you enjoy your time here!

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Hi, I've been here for quite a while and forgot to go to this post so I apolagize.
I'm Ben (please no creepypasta refference, I hate when people do that emoji ) I'm 12 years old (After reading reading my age you'll be like this: emoji ) I'm from Portugal (Europe) and I enjoy picking up my PS3 ccontroller and get hours of entretainment.

What, I'm only 13! Welcome!

Hello Hello there fellow R&C Addicts emoji

I tend to write way to much on these introduction threads, so i'll try to keep this short.

I'm 19 (20 on 30th of July 2012), so no more teenager fun for me xD My name is Hamza, but everyone i've met online just calls me Hamz anyway.

I live in Norway, i started playing R&C in 2002 when the first one came out and fell totally in love with the games.
I've gotten all the possible achievements for all these games, the only ones i haven't completed 100% is Secret Agent Clank (because i don't have it) and All 4 One because i just haven't gotten around to doing it. The R&C Trilogy takes up all my spare time as it is emoji I work on a Military Base, and i'm currently doing my 1-year manditory service, as soon as i got my rifle in my hands i thought: "RIP YA A NEW ONE". I just started laughing at that moment.

I also play other series such as:
Metal Gear Solid
Grand Theft Auto
Mass Effect
Saints Row
Ratchet and Clank (obviously)
Sly Cooper
Jak and Daxter
Mirror's Edge (hoping for a 2nd game here)
Need for Speed
Modern Warfare

i also have PS-Move Heroes, that game was weird to be honest.

Hi hamz! Welcome to RG! Try not to break anything, it's delicate.emoji

But anyway, welcome!

Heyz Hamz!

Good to see another Sly Cooper fan around ^^

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Hey HAMZ enjoy your time here. We have preety nice people and interesting forum threadsemoji.

Hey HAMZ enjoy your time here. We have preety nice people and interesting forum threadsemoji.

No kidding!

Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy HAMZ, enjoy your stay here! And if you're unsure about anything, feel free to PM a RG member for help! emoji

Welcome, it's good to see new members. Lately we've been getting more people here, but before the release of A4O it was really quiet.
So you have mandatory military service in your country too? That's up for me in slightly less than a year.

Well it's quite easy to dodge the 1 year obligatory service if you have somewhat acceptable reason such as allergies or you have important studies, but for those who are motivated and want to try a year of it, they're all welcome. I'm halfway through now actually, started Jan 2012 :P I have to admit it was tough the first week, after that it was smooth sailing forward xD Good Luck with your year to be honest, it's a good experience.

Hi everybody, my name is Thomas, im 14 and live Belgium( not that i want to)

I have been a ratchet and clank fan since 2003. I have all r&c games except for ps move heroes *shivers* and going mobile.
The only games i didnt get on day one where r&c1, TOD and all4one(still have to finish that one…emoji

Anyway i hope to later become a game designer, there's a good chance i will work for Insomniac when im old enough.emoji

I'm also a big fan sly cooper, jak & daxter, uncharted, crysis etc…
My hobbies are drawing, gaming (duh), listening to music (mostly heavy metal) and fooling around with unity 3D emoji

well…thats pretty much it.

Looks like I'm the first one to greet you so.. Welcome to Ratchet Galaxy Thomas! Enjoy your stay here!