Thread: Worth buying?

This is most likely a petty question, but is A Crack In Time worth getting?
I loved TOD, and I would love to play ACiT, but is the money worth it?
Thanks so much.
I love FFXIII as well, but R&C maybe more!

Definitely emoji

In my opinion, and many other french fans, ACIT is the best game in the whole series, so it is absolutely worth buying.

The story is the best, the characters are deep and interesting, the visuals are fantastic and the new orchestral style soundtrack fits the universe really well.

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What RatchetBlaster said emoji

For sure, I think it's worth it! I've only played it once though (I don't have my own PS3 yet, so I can't play these games often) but wow, I was amazed when I finally got to play it. It's so neat, the cutscenes, story… everything! I havent played through the whole game yet, so I can't say if it's my favorite yet.

But it's definitely worth buying, for any fan emoji

I love Ratchet and Clank, and I believe the series has unlimited potential.
I will give it a shot, i am slightly busy with Final Fantasy XIII, but ACiT might give FF a run for their money.
Or so I hope!

I bought it, and it is my favourite game now!
Much better than FFXIII