Thread: MBRH too hard?

I hate MBRH, it's completely pointless, and I think it was stupid of IG to put it in ACiT.
Anybody agree with me?

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I don't know, I actually didn't mind the Atari graphic style and difficult game play in "My Blaster Runs Hot! The Game." Although, I would agree with you that it's feels like a silly gimmick mini-game that you won't go back to very often. I thought it was fun, but not as amazing as the Qwark Vid-Comics in Up Your Arsenal.

For it's difficulty, yeah it was pretty difficult to do, especially playing this mini-game by yourself. I wonder if it's easier to play MBRH with 2 players rather than 1? Has anyone played the MBRH with another player?

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I haven't really played it yet, but me and my brother were going to try playing it together sometime for fun, I hear it is a lot easier with 2 people, especially for getting the trophy for it emoji

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I was pretty close to get the high score of 10,000 points in MBRH, but unfortunately I was blasted away by many enemies. My score was around 8600 and I was so close to achieve it. Is it 10,000 to get the trophy? Am I correct? Because if it isn't, then I'm not even close to achieving the trophy at all. Even though, I do not care about it too much, but at least I want to give it a try.

I guess it's takes mostly luck and a lot of practice when it comes to the MBRH mini-game.

It was quite fun and a good distraction if the rest of the game got dull (not that it would) but the trophy for getting 10,000 points is just irritating and is the only trophy I haven't got because it's so hard! It's even more annoying when I get like 9,500 points and then lose because of some stupid 8 bit robots! emoji(

It's one of the trophies standing between me and the plat.

I had a hard time figuring out how to work it at first.

If it had online play we could team up and get the trophy!

yeah! :oui:

I had a hard time figuring out how to work it at first.

I also kind of had trouble figuring out how to play MBRH at first, but I eventually got the hang of it.

at first i did not have a clue on the gameplay & got frustrated, about half an hour later i figured out how to fire & evntually got the hang of how it works!

Powerups! Thats how ya do it :oui: save like 10 civilians i belive & GO 4 IT! I cannot stress that enough. You must run straight over or you'll regret it (for they disapear)
I once made it to the boss fight and suffered a horrible defeat. But no trophie? Why? Because i didnt do enough saving! Save save save emoji the first time i got the trophie it was around 10010 points i belive! Very close! Then one sad day i was faced with the challenge of a new PS3! & i got like 10300 my first go! So when ya get it once you get confident. Tell yourself you have done it before & therefor can do it again emoji
what i told my brother to think when he was attempting to ace every LBP level in story (he did it)

I only ever tried it once, started it up, killed a few enemies, then said "meh" and then got back to the real game.

I agree with this here. It might be a nice minigame, but the trophy is not worth the time one puts into it.

I stopped playing that because i got 9990 points and died!so close!

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Somehow today, I finally got over 10,000 points of MBRH in one player.

I believe to get a high score like that is basically based on luck, concentration, and dodging as much enemies as possible. Plus picking up the items like the extra lives and damage boosts does help out a lot, which I believe that activates the items when you save the citizens in a combo (I think).

So overall, playing the game by yourself from reaching higher than 10,000 points can be done.