Thread: Favourite Weapons in Going Commando

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What are you favorite weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando?

For this thread, you can either like the original, the upgradeable or both.

My favorite weapons are…

Plasma Coil
Seeker Gun
Miniturret Gun
Lava Gun (only the original, not the upgradable)
Minirocket Tube
Gravity Bomb

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The Plasma-coil, Mini-Rocket tube and Bouncer for sure emoji the Bouncer has always been a personal fav of mine, especially in R&C3 as well heh.The RYNO 2 is quite cool too, though I tend to prefer using the 'other' weapons more, since they aren't too overpowered XD

This is tricky…
the Spiderbot is fun to use, and I do so love the plasma coil. But when I'm in a tight spot and need to get a moment of non-attacked peace, I have to resort to the bouncer. emoji

Well,I have a lot of favorites,but I'll list a few:

Gravity Bomb-Mini Nuke
Tankbot Glove
Minirocket Tube-Megarocket Cannon
Plasma Coil-Plasma Storm
Seeker Gun-HK22 Gun
Miniturret Glove-Megaturret Glove
Lava Gun
Bouncer-Heavy Bouncer
Blitz Gun-Blitz Cannon
Lancer-Heavy Lancer
Sheepinator-Black Sheepinator

Also,if a weapon has this,-,it means that I like both versions. emoji

My MOST FAVORITE WEAPONS: The RYNO 2, emoji the Plasma Storm, The Kilonoids, emoji The Megarocket Tube!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!! emoji

Mini rocket Tube (Mega was overpowered)
Ryno 2 (on single shot)
Meteor Gun (Lava Gun V2 with lock on)
Mini/Mega turret gun
(not in ranked order just listed)

Plasma Storm
R.Y.N.O 2

I like the lava-gun cuz' when I was on the proto-pet envaded planet, I just kept my thumbslammed on O and went in circles, it worked good until i got blasted by the robots killing the proto-pets

P.S I played Ratchet and Clank GC in French, so I dont really know the weapons translations.emoji

My favorite weapons are…

Plasma Coil

Minirocket Tube


Lava Gun