Thread: Favourite Weapons in Up Your Arsenal

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What are you favorite weapons in Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal?

For this thread, you can either like the original, the upgradeable or both.

My favorite weapons are the following…

- Annihilator
- Lava Gun
- Suck Cannon
- Bouncer
- Qwack-O-Ray
- Rift Inducer
- Spitting Hydra
- Plasma Coil
- N60 Storm
- Agents of Doom

Wow! There's a lot of weapons that I like in this game. emoji

I don't remember all of the weapons but I do remember some of them and here is a list of them

Qwack-O-Ray (my most fave weapon)
Suck Cannon
Lava Gun
Agents of Doom

aaaannnnnd Iofrgot the rest cause I havn't played it in years but I'll play it again sooner or later once I try to get a 100% on ratchet and clank 2

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I like a lot of the weapons in this game emoji

But I've always liked the Bouncer, Liquid Nitrogen gun and the Quantum whip the most.

oh yeah now I remember the whip too that was awesome emoji

Well, I know that most of the weapons in this game are either re-used or refurbished. The only new weapons were the plasma whip, Infector and the Rift Inducer. The Rift Inducer has always been my fave weapon in this game, but the V8 plasma coil is probably the most powerful weapon.

the RY3NO was definatley my least favourite RYNO though. emoji

I'd prefere classical method of killing enemies, so i usualy take a Plasma Coil (R&C:Going Commando). Infector - not bad choice too. But my favourite weapon - similar Omniwrench! It's good one for smashing big bots (Megabot) from had for legs. emoji

I have a lot of favorites as well:

Shock Cannon
Nitro Erupter
Lava Gun(both versions)
N90 Hurricane
Plasma Coil(both versions)
Flux Rifle(both versions)
Disc Blade Gun(both versions)
Rift Ripper
Ultrashield Glove
Spitting Hydra(both versions)
Agents of Dread
Infector(both versions)
Bouncer(both versions)
Quantum Whip

Wow,I listed almost every weapon! emoji

all weps were either cool or epic except shield deployer (shield charger is epic i mean the shield you toss is lame to upgrade) and infector cuz they were hard to upgrade.

just sayin, ratchet and clank up your arsenal is my fav game and i have already beaten it over 10 times. i love every single weapon in the game but weapon #1 in my opinion is the plasma storm

My favourite weapons is the N60 storm, Plazma Coil, Rift Inducer and that Quantum Whip. They're just cool weapons I reckon

Mine are:

-Liquid Nitrogen Gun
-Rift Ripper
-Agents of Doom
-Tesla Barrier

My favorite weapons of rachet and clank UYA are the rift inducer, lava gun because I love the V5 upgrade, suck cannon because it is just a classic weapon, R.Y.3.N.O. Cause it turns the enemy's to ash.

I loved the
Lava Gun
The Bouncer
Qwack'o Ray

Plasma Coil

I prefer Plasma Coil emoji
This weapons is excellent emoji