Thread: Squishy lies!

"There seems to be a misunderstanding, Secret Agent Clank is merely a fictional character I play on the holo-"
"Oh Janice…."
Clank and Nefarious talk about secret agent clank in the third game. Suddenly, Agent Clank is real, and is in a completely different format from the hit holovid show… emoji
What's going on? emoji

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Well I think it's because back in R&C3, Secret Agent Clank really was just a fictional character that Clank played for the series. But I'm not really sure how he became a 'real' agent… maybe the President forced him to emoji? (since he was a freak and thought Secret Agent Clank was real too, heh)

I suppose someone could have forced Clank to be an agent, as in R&C3 nobody seemed to realise that SAC was fictional. emoji lol

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Lol yeah, I say. Even the damn President thinks he's real in R&C3 XD

But yeah it is pretty funny.

Spin offs generally don't have an origin of explanation, lol.

yeah, I suppose, for instance the Simpsons tree-house of horror (Halloween episodes) don't make any sense in terms of the general thing of the simpsons. So why should SAC make sense?

Yeah, but that's the Simpsons! They don't make sense!

I don't know, but this isn't on my listemoji.
If you want to see it, that's great;D!
Any question?

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Yeah, but that's the Simpsons! They don't make sense!

That's true.