Thread: Ratchet + Talwyn = Couple?

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There are some Ratchet and Clank fans that sees these two as a great love pairing in the series, but do you think Ratchet and Talwyn are meant to be with one another?

What are your thoughts about these two being together?

To be honest, I think Ratchet and Talwyn aren't really the best couple in the Ratchet and Clank universe. Sure, they both have certain things in common (especially anything that's related to the Lombaxes' past) and I could see why a lot of fans likes these two being together, but I think Ratchet and Talwyn aren't very interesting when they are with one another.

In my opinion, I thought there were a few moments in Tools of Destruction that made Talwyn and Ratchet quite fun together, which made me thought that these two can become a great pairing. But when it came to Quest For Booty, they were too serious in the game, which made them not that exciting one bit.

Therefore, I think Ratchet and Talwyn are okay when they're together. Although, these two were probably not interested in a love relationship in the first place. :P

Until I see someone new for Ratchet who I think fits, Talwyn works.

Personally, I support them as a couple and I think that Talwyn is the best match for him. I know a lot of people like RatchetXSasha, and I did after first, but as I got older it grew off me. Sasha is just not Ratchet's type and I found her boring. Not a bad character, but kind of boring.

If Ratchet was to end up with someone in the end, I may want another Lombax. However, I really do support Talwyn and Ratchet as a pairing and I hope that if she returns, we see them development more of an relationship.

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I will be one of those people that would go with Ratchet being with Sasha a bit more than Talwyn. Even though Ratchet and Sasha were opposite in their personalities, but I thought they were definitely fun together in Up Your Arsenal and it seemed that they were interested in being with one another. So that was one of the reasons that I'm more interested in Ratchet being with Sasha rather than Talwyn.

I think that was a problem with me liking Ratchet with Talwyn. The relationship for these two were quite underplayed in TOD, which was probably be a good thing because I don't think IG didn't want to shove so much romance stuff right away in the future saga. Although, I did found them too serious later on, which made me felt like Ratchet became a little bit too blandish with Talwyn in Quest For Booty.

If Talwyn does appear in another Ratchet title in the future, perhaps I might like this pairing a little bit more. But as for now, I think they're in the decent range.

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Well to be honest, I'm kinda unsure about them being a couple neither BUT I don't mind it though and I can see why lots of fans would support it rather than Sasha or Angela (ugh Angela? Hell no! XD!)

But I also don't mind Sasha with him, I might be leaning a bit more towards her but yet again, they didn't really last, probably because they were too different and Ratchet seems a lot more focused on his quests and stuff (which is understandable)

And well yeah, I think both characters (currently) are simply more focused on their quests for answers and such, so I don't think they really are interested in being a 'romantic couple' or so, especially Ratchet. I can't really see him settling down with anyone, anytime soon… heh.

Ratchet + Talwyn = Diaster!

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Ratchet + Talwyn = Diaster!

emoji It would be quite a disaster if Ratchet and Talwyn do get really intimate with one another.

Then people would picture Talwyn as someone who has some bestiality obsession, like Tess with Daxter in Jak 2 or Belle with The Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. emoji

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Hey, but they're both aliens XD only that Ratchet is furry and Talwyn isn't… emoji

I wouldn't call Talwyn and Ratchet bestiality because Ratchet is an alien and not an animal, but I don't know if they were to…well…yeah and have kids it would work out well XD As Tara already said, Ratchet has a fur while Tal doesn't and that wouldn't be a pretty picture as children goes.

Also, I'm assuming they have different genetics as well, I don't think they could even have children if they tried, let alone it wouldn't come out right. Not saying Ratchet is going to start a family any time soon (he's still very young and can't see it now), but I don't know it will turn out good in the end, as much as I support them.

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True true.

It's just what you and Tara said.. one alien is furry while the other alien is not. So their appearances is what made me thought of what I said previously in the first place.

I cannot really picture Ratchet having a family yet… he would just give his children the wrong messages like "Kids, it's okay to blow things up with an arsenal of weapons" emoji

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Well it's not like he cant adopt XD!

But no way, I can't picture him being a father anytime soon anyway, maybe later on like Kaden as he got older but not soon! He still has a life to live emoji

I could never in my life see Ratchet as a father! Ratchet has fur Tal doesn't.

Ratchet is still a kid according to his Lombax age…

Well I do support this couple because they do have stuff in common with each other. Also there were hints of a relationship in a crack in time.


It may be a disaster if they got together as a simletaneous concept of a renunion formed by Angela and Sasha! emoji

Now that would be funny to see.