Thread: Lombaxes and Wrenches?

I was thinking about this, because Azimuth said "Remember, a wrench is a Lombax's best friend."
And he and Kaden have wrenches in the locket picture. So all Lombaxes have wrenches? Because that's kinda gimmicky… I thought Ratchet was unique. Unless Insomniac made that up to explain why Ratchet had a wrench. They made up this Lombax stuff to base it off of Ratchet… how lame.
I never cared for this Lombax stuff anyway, because it means he's not unique anymore.

Deleted user

I understand what you mean. The whole Lombax back story and origins can kind of annoy you once in a while, especially with many fans being too hooked onto the Lombax phase. What about love for the Robots? Cragmites? Algorians? Or Fongoids?

I think the whole "Lombaxes having Wrenches" didn't bug me too much at all. I would sometimes wonder why Ratchet would hold a wrench in the first place from the first game. But I believe Insomniac Games wanted to add that only for the Future Saga since those Ratchet games were a bit deeper with its storytelling.