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Looking for other users Fanfics? Looking at posting your own? Then this is the topic for you!

The old topic was a bit clustered, long and not very well organized (takes too long to actually find anyone's stories) so I've decided to make this new one for people to use.
If you have a fanfiction you want to share, then I can simply edit this first post, with a small summary of your story, like this…

(Add title of fanfic here)

Author: (Add your name)
Rated: (Add the rating, and warning if you need to)
Theme: (What themes does your story use, Action, Adventure, Humour? etc)
Status: (Add the status of the fic, like if it is finished or work-in-progress)
Description: (Add a small description of your story here)
Link: (Add the link(s) to your story here)

And… that's it! I don't think I need to add mine to the post, since it's already in my signature and it's not finished yet neither (but is already quite long). But feel free to share yours here too, and give feedback to others if you have any thoughts, opinions and advice to share emoji

List of Fanfictions

Ratchet and Clank: Lost in Reality
Author: SweetTeaholic
Rated: Web-14 for blood and some no-no words, but not to the extreme
Status: WiP, 8 chapters so far
Description: What happens when you are stuck with your arch-nemesis in another dimension you may or may not get out of? Making matters worse, there is an evil empire wanting to take over your home dimension and others. The way to survive is to work together, that is if you don’t kill each other first…
(Takes place after CiT. AT (alternate timeline) because of the announcement of the comic mini-series and All4One (started this before they were announced) So kinda guess this my version of those lol)


Author: SweetTeaholic
Rated: Web-14, mainly for the 's' word being said once. Also full of total Angst.
Status: Done, being it's a oneshot
Description: Just a little Vorselon dabble. Pre-Future saga.


The Fallen Star
User image
Author: Tara Cross
Rated: R13-Teen (Violence, gore, mild swearing)
Theme: Thriller/Action/Drama (There are more themes, but those are the main ones)
Status: Complete!
Description:The Fallen Star is a story based on the life of Ace Hardlight.
Somebody who is more well known to be a ruthless gladiator, a man with an unknown
heroic past and an uncertain future.

What happened after Ace was adopted from an orphanage, raised to become one of the greatest superheroes of
the past. And what caused him to turn into a selfish and sadistic gladiator,
the champion of DreadZone… several years later? Who were the Sonic 6; the group of heroes who adopted
him? And what really happened to Ace after Ratchet defeated
him later on at DreadZone?
The Fallen Star will take you through his life as you uncover his successful
past, up until his life was torn apart by a tragic accident. And why he chose to become a killer, rather than to resist the grasp of Gleeman Vox and his gladiator show. Watch how Ratchet reminds him of what he once was;
defeating him and freeing him from Vox's grasp. An action which allowed Ace to begin his pathway to redemption after
all he had been through…
Will Ace ever recover from such a deranged past? Why was he released from
prison after a mere four and a half years; despite all the lives he destroyed? Will
Ace ever get to see his team again, after all he has done? And will he be
successful in his pathway to redeeming himself?

All will be uncovered throughout the story…


Author: KiwiLombax15
Rated: PG: may have strong language
Theme: Kick butt action adventure
Status: Unfinished
Description: When a lombax tumbles out of the sky from a wormhole ratchet finds himself caught up in an epic adventure to bring the lombaxes home. But, waiting in the wings lies an evil he never expected…


A Tail of the Zoni (logo coming soon)
Author: Neffy545
Rated: Web-14 for blood, Language, Crude humour, Use of Alcohol, and mild Suggestive Themes, but not to the extreme.
Status: WiP, One chapter (currently working on chapter 2 and 3).
Description: You may have thought that the Zoni had a simple stream in repairing time, well if so, you were wrong. The Zoni had to deal with their evil akins who wanted complete Omniversal and time and space continuum control! The two races have been battling for many years and the Ynix leader has began to grow impatient. As so, the Ynix and their leader have hatched a plan to rid of the Zoni in one final strike that could put the fate of the entire Omniverse at risk…
(Takes place before the events of Ratchet and Clank.)
Link: Website coming soon


4 Calling Birds
Author: Smega
Rated: No rating as of yet (warning, infrequent crude humour)
Theme: Dramedy
Status: One chapter complete, two more coming up
Description: Having disbanded in the aftermath of All4One, the team face a new, more worthy adversary: the holiday season.


The Lombax Legacy
Author: Taz-dragon
Rated: PG (violence)
Theme: Action, adventure, drama
Status: In progress
Description: Ratchet must save both the Lombaxes and the rest of the Omniverse.

(More to Come - Add yours now emoji!!! )

Great idea!!! The other topic really was hard to navigate, like yours and SweetT's "Lost in Reality" one, since I really like those stories!

I cant wait for more of The Fallen Star too! It's been so long since a chapter was done, I wanna know how Zordoom goes for Ace emoji and what he does after prison too.

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Don't worry, this topic won't have "omg review mein plz!" everywhere XP

But yeah, seems no one really wants to share any lately, but the topic is always here for those who do want to share their fic(s). And thanks for the feedback too, I actually just posted Chapter 20 yesterday, and fixed/changed a few things in the story and website too, such as changing the names of some of the Sonic 7 members.

A while ago I read TFS Chapter 22 and wow, it was pretty funny and I didn't expect Vorselon to be there too! Lol and Ace is already starting to change his ways too, even though Zordoom is still a mean place. But it's very entertaining and fun to read. I can't wait for more emoji

I also can't wait for more of SweetT's story too emoji Vorselon and Nefarious are so entertaining to read about xD and the plot is still very interesting!

I also can't wait for more of SweetT's story too emoji Vorselon and Nefarious are so entertaining to read about xD and the plot is still very interesting!

Oh why thank you, glad you are enjoying it so far. I'm being a bit slow with the 7th chapter, but that's because I'm not in the biggest writing mood lately, but it's coming.

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Sigh, why does no one want to use this topic to share their fics emoji ???

Anyway, thanks again for the feedback Lightspeed. I had lots of fun writing that chapter, and I have to give SweetT credit for the Vorselon scene, since well… she suggested it to me a while back and then I added it. Man, he's a funny character to write with XD Slim and Talwyn were fun to add to the scenes as well.

But thanks though, I'm also eagerly awaiting the next chapter for R&C:LiR too ;D

I also can't wait for more of SweetT's story too emoji Vorselon and Nefarious are so entertaining to read about xD and the plot is still very interesting!

Oh why thank you, glad you are enjoying it so far. I'm being a bit slow with the 7th chapter, but that's because I'm not in the biggest writing mood lately, but it's coming.

You can take your time, no rush emoji I think it'll be worth it when it comes! But your story is really fun to read, especially with Nefarious because he acts IN CHARACTER and so do the others emoji so good job on that!

I also saw your new poster for TFS too Tara

User image

That is sooo kool emoji is that his look later after he gets outta prison?

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Aww thankies XD

And yeah, it's one of his looks for when he's out of prison. I'm still working with it, but that's one of them so far. Since he isn't a superhero nor gladiator anymore, so I went for that look (he still gets the visors though, but new ones =P Ace needs his holoclones XD!)

And just so you know, SweetT just finished another chapter too, so go read it when you can!

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As you know, I read it yesterday and it was a good start to the 2nd part of the story emoji nice to meet the villains now too! Heh, keep it up emoji

Ok I have read your latest Chapter 7 SweetT and it was great as always emoji very nice to find out about more on the villains, especially Lania, man she's one mean woman XD and Vorselon was funny in that one too so great job! sorry I cant review there since it doesnt allow me and I can always review here emoji I cant wait to see what else they do, and if they do manage to find the lombaxes!!!

Tara Cross, I noticed you deleted your story off How come?

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Hah emoji

well I originally joined to see if any fans out there would be open minded enough to give the story a chance, give me their real opinions, tips, constructive criticism… I did get a bit but not much and then a few whiny people started leaving spam so I yawned and got rid of it off there. Only had 5 of the chapters there anyway, so it wasn't much of a big deal emoji
And yeah, if someone said they couldn't even understand the first chapter, then they really must be stupid. because even some people that read it off my site ARENT even R&C fans (like my editor, she has never played a R&C game), and they can understand the story. So there is NO excuse for that kind of stupidity emoji I know the difference between a critique and blatant bashing…

"You need to improve with your grammar and try to avoid leaving spelling errors, also, some scenes get a bit repetitive, try to change the events around to get it to flow more carefully" - (Constructive Criticism)

"Uhhh…… This story makes no sense and is boring!" - (An idiot who is wasting their time)

There will always be someone who hates and loves the same thing, no matter what it is. emoji

I've already read all of Lost in Reality so far and I think it is good! though maybe not as much action as expected so far but it's still very interesting and it even has my favourite villains! (Nefarious and Vorselon) so it's great! the fancharacters are good too, and not just a bunch of random lombaxes like in other fics, lol. Vorselon is very funny in the latest chapter lol I cant wait for more chapters though emoji

I have been reading The Fallen Star though and I'm currently around Chapter 17 and it has been surprisingly good! I wasnt sure about it at first since it doesnt have ANY of my main favourite characters but it's still awesome and makes me realize how misunderstood Ace actually is!
I also really like the fight and action scenes, even the humor is pretty good! Im going to read more soon but I cant wait to see what else happens! It's almost as if this story is canon but then I have to remind myself that it's just fanon….. emoji unfortunately!
easily one of the most unique fanfics in the R&C fandom. Ace finally gets some respect lol

I wish I had time and ideas to write my own fics but I dont! I still like to read others though, I also like some others on but its hard to find good stories on there, so many crappy ones with mary sues, emo out-of-character stories, yaoi, unesessary sex scenes. At least there are a few good ones from here emoji

My favourite TFS chapter so far was the one in the DreadZone bar (chap11 I think) emoji well, maybe except for when Ace flips out and… you know the rest XD drunk Dallas was very funny though, and it's funny that Juanita can drink pure metholated spirits and have no effect XD
I was a bit worried the story might not have much humor but after that chapter, I realize it's there XD even Countney Gears was funny in the later chapters, lol


I dont know well people can have their opinions of course but spending time bashing a story without a reason is dumb, and is often a sign of jealously too, or just closeminded-ness or they're just trying to get revenge on them over something else.

I would rather talk about the good things though! Dont want to be reminded of that garbage on From now on I only spend my time reading good stories that are recommended from my friends, that's how I got to read TFS and LiR emoji also SweetT, have you considered making a website for your work like Tara has done? I like how Tara has set up the site with the character profiles and all that. Helps get me to know the characters better, and see what they look like too!