Thread: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?

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The "Wheatley Song" a fan-song Themed on Portal 2! It's so catchy! ^_^
EDIT: and sung by Stephen Merchant, the British comedian chap who voiced Wheatley in the actual Portal 2 game! emoji

ANOTHER EDIT: It's only a rumour that Stephen Merchant sung it. turns out it's sung by a band called "Miracle of Sound"… I guess their singer's a sound-alike to Merchant…

Thanks for that link! Now im listening to that too! XD

The sweet song of my keyboard

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"It's The Fear" By Within Temptation
Album: The Silent Force

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muine by taylor swift (i love taylor)

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Lavender Town's Theme (Evil Laugh)

The Final Cut by Pink Floyd

I am listening to Circles by Mac Miller. It was my favourite song and I was very excited when it was released. I asked my father to bought me mac miller kid posters. I cant believe he left us too early. He was a great rapper and made an impact in the rap world in such a small time. Here is a video of circles..