Thread: Favourite DL Skins?

They're both secret unlockables, only for the multiplayer mode… there's codes for them found in Youtube videos emoji kinda complicated to add the codes but they do work!

The codes in the youtube videos are found in the mobile game: Ratchet and Clank going mobile! i found a old mobile, and the possibility to get the game! so when i have completed the game i post the codes here, so everyone can use them!

Wow, i can't belive i actually get to play the mobile game!

EDIT: Hey Tara Croos, there is a ACE poster in the game i found a image on the ratchet wikia!
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My favourit skill is Liberator but look Captain Starshield skill :

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That's the soviet emblem emoji.

Sorry for the bad english, i'm from the French version of Ratchet Galaxy.

Omg it's Captain Soviet! emoji Starshield's long lost brother!

my friend who has an emulator actually helped get most of these screenshots earlier in the year. But I'm able to get screenshots on my own now. This is supposed to be the Starshield skin XD
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And well, I've never actually played Going Mobile before neither… but that is interesting to know! And yeap, I knew about Ace having a cameo in that game too XD

Ha Ha, it can take some time to get trough the game! since it gets a bit hard in the end!

EDIT: it seems like the planned to make another ratchet and clank mobile game! ratchet and clank clone home! there shall be a test for it so i try to find it!

Starshield skin rocks!!!!emoji

Alpha clank so far, I haven't played the game, and that is the best one I saw.

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Alpha clank and The liberator were my personal favourites emoji

I like Sprocket's Marauder.

Personally my favourite skin was the liberator emoji