Thread: Profile problems

I have an image in my computer and I want to put it in my profile but I don´t know how to do it.
And another problem is this:

If I want to write something in my signature I have to hold the left botton of the mouse.

I can´t understand!!!

This should have been posted in the "problems" thread in the "Ideas, Bugs & Development" section, I'm locking this so reply there…

Anyway, to put a picture on your profile, you have to upload it to a website first, try putting it on deviantART in scraps or put it on a site like photo bucket or If you're really stuck, use Facebook.

Then when the pic is uploaded, right click the pic and select "copy image url", and in your settings, paste it into the "change your avatar" box and click validate.

as for the sig, we're not sure why it does this, I find it happens with Google Chrome, try using Firefox, Safari or…ugh…Internet Explorer. If this doesn't work, write it out on notepad and copy - paste it into your sig, I hope that helps.