Thread: Best RAC 1 Soundtrack

Well,since nobody made this topic,I thought I'd make one up.

What's your favorite soundtrack in Ratchet and Clank 1?My top 16 is listed:
16.Pokitaru - Jowai Resort
15.Nebula G34 - Clank in Space
14.Hoven - Bomb Factory
13.Kalebo lll - Gadgetron Site
12.Eudora - Logging Site
11.Veldin - Kyzil Plateau
10.Nebula G34 - The Warship
9.Novalis - Tobruk Crater
8.Kerwan - Metropolis
7.Quartu - Robot Plant
6.Oltanis Orbit - Gemilk Base
5.Quartu - Giant Clank!
4.Veldin in Peril - Chairman Drek
3.Pokitaru - Ratchet's Dogfight
2.Veldin in Peril - Kyzil Plateau

And the number 1 is…

Orxon - Ratchet on Orxon

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It's an instant classic soundtrack from Ratchet and Clank. It's not my all time favourite from the series (more like third or second favorite), but here are the tracks that I liked and remembered the most.

Novalis -Tobruk Crater
Novalis - The Caves
Kerwan - Metropolis
Aridia - Outpost X11
Aridia - Traversing The Fortress
Eudora - Logging Site
Eudora - Scaling The Cliffs
Nebula G34 - Clank In Space
Rilgar - Blackwater City
Umbris - Captain Qwark's Snagglebeast
Batalia - Fort Krontos
Gaspar - Blarg Depot
Orxon - Clank's Second Foray
Pokitaru - Jowai Resort
Hoven - Hydrodisplacer Puzzle
Oltanis Orbit - Gemlik Base
Oltanis - Gravity Boot Loops
Quartu - Robot Plant
Kalebo III - Gadgetron Site
Veldin Orbit - Drek's Fleet
Veldin Orbit - Destroying The Cannons
Veldin in Peril- Kyzil Plateau
Veldin in Peril - Chairman Drek

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My favorite has to be the first time on veldin.

It's so hard to chose a favourite…
It would probably be easier to say which ones I don't like.
And I STILL can't think of any that I dislike…
David Bergeuad's music always worked just right

Both tracks on Planet Orxon. Enough said.

I like :

1. Veldin-Kyzil Plateau.
2. Eudora-Logging Site.
3. Rilgar-Blackwater City.
4. Gaspar-Blarg Depot.
5. Hoven-Bomb Factory.
6. Pokitaru-Jowai Resort (Almost the same song as Veldin-Kyzil Plateau).
7. Oltanis Orbit-Gemilk Base.
8. Kalebo III-Gadgetron Site.

Uhm.. you forgot the pokitaru dogfight (the one where ratchet was in a ship and destroyed the toxic dumpers).I like that one too.

1.veldin in peril, chairman drek.
2.gemlick base, captain quarks ship.
3.umbris, qwark's snagglebeast.
4.nebula g-34.

Oltanis Orbit - Gemlik Base is probably my favorite tune from the game. Other than that I liked both tunes on Umbris, Veldin - Kyzil Plateau, Pokitaru - Jowai Resort, and Veldin in Peril.

Veldin in Peril - Chairman Drek, by far. It's also one of my favourite pieces of music. It's my second favourite Ratchet and Clank music (Aridia on UYA is my favourite).

Kerwan, Metropolis and Rilgar, Blackwater City