Thread: Hardest skill point in R&C 1

The same as Natveradio… just the fact of completing the hoverboard race on Kalebo lll was hard!

i actually thought careful cruise was the toughest, when i replayed R&C on the HD Collection that was the skill point that was the hardest for me to aquire. I gotta admit not playing R&C for all that time and then trying to get Speedy again wasn't as easy as i'd expect either emoji

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Hmmm… It's hard since I found all of these so easy. But the hardest for me was Careful Cruise, was the one that took most tries.

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Same here i was soo happy to get speedy

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Yeah id say Speedy was easily the hardest skill point to get,it took me about 45 minutes to get lol

Anything skill point that has to do with hoverboarding was the hardest one to get in my opinion.

Tricky. I was actually beating the Speedy time routinely trying to get Tricky. Magician was pretty easy if you loop back on the shortcut

I'd agree with Ratcheruler,Speedy was the hardest for me too.