Thread: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

you asked for it , 

Bomb Glove



Glove of Doom

Suck Cannon


Mine Glove


Visibomb Gun


Decoy Glove

Drone Device

Tesla Claw




Gravity Bomb


Blitz Gun

Pulse Rifle

Miniturret Glove

Seeker Gun

Tesla Claw

Bomb Glove


Visibomb Gun

Decoy Glove



Lava Gun


Minirocket Tube

Spiderbot Glove

Plasma Coil

Hoverbomb Gun


Shield Charger


Clank Zapper

Shock Blaster

Nitro Launcher

N60 Storm

Plasma Whip


Suck Cannon

Spitting Hydra

Agents of Doom

Miniturret Glove

Lava Gun


Holoshield Glove

Disc Blade Gun

Rift Inducer



Plasma Coil

Shield Charger


Dual Vipers

Magma Cannon


Scorpion Flail

Hunter Mine Launcher


Fusion Rifle

Holoshield Launcher

Miniturret Launcher


there you go all the ps2 game weapons . 

Why do I get the feeling we will be seeing an alternate-reality Clank?

This is what js said about the optimization. We'll have to wait and see, but man, I am happy that this game's running at 60fps!

This mysterious planet is most likely Megalopolis when Nefarious took over. Technically, there are only four planets shown in the game so far: Megalopolis, Sargasso, Torren IV, and Ardolis.

Dallas and Jaunita are back, and Dallas has his hair again! Will he have his original voice actor?

 If Dallas has hair again Juanita will probably have her robotic eyes back

I'd also like for them to have their original voice actors again too -- the PS4 versions of them were bland.

So when are you guys hoping Rift Apart will be released? A lot of people are saying 'launch window' could be anywhere between the end of the year, to maybe even June/July filename39.png

Hopefully we might get more info this month whenever Sony decides to show more PS5 stuff along with the launch lineup!

A good question. I decided to create a poll for it on the home page!

Personally gonna say February or March. No one's gonna be mad if they don't release it immediately -- considering Spiderman mm is the actual lauch title.

Although, it is strange that RaC has waaay more publicity than spiderman ps5. Granted its a bigger title than spiderman, but we dont even have a release for the ps5 yet!

Ah awesome, thanks! That's what I'm hoping too (mainly because my b-day is in February hehe) filename9.gif

And yeah it is really weird we haven't seen much from Spidey - maybe Sony are keeping their first-party launch stuff ready for the next reveal stream, and since R&C isn't a launch title Insomniac are allowed to show more?

Remember this? A poster featuring our favorite four characters rehearsing their lines for the Ratchet and Clank Movie? I recently stumbled upon this, and it reminded me of back when we were excited for the movie...oh how time's change.

ikr the movie was super bad . i remember being hyped for it 

We're FINALLY getting more info on the PS5! (Full blog post)

"Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!)"

Don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but it seems like more Rift Apart info is certainly possible! It's apparently only going to be around 40 minutes, and I imagine they'll want to focus mainly on launch titles, but who knows? Maybe we'll get a new glimpse at the mysterious lombax, or perhaps even a full story trailer?

Three words: "Release date ... price."

Kinda figured they'd do it next week after xbox's flub-up. I expect more Miles Morales news than Ratchet and Clank, especially for a 40 minute event. Now, best case scenario, Ratchet and Clank ALSO gets a release date confirmed (probably wont be this year), or at least some new screenshots.

If Rift Apart comes out 2021, I don't want to see people saying "it's been delayed." It is not a smart business tactic to release both of your prized games at the same time-frame, so this news should not come as a surprise. filename5.gif

Absolutely; expect the worst, hope for the best!

Also according to this article, Sony booked an event at PAX on the 18th of September with a placeholder name, so I'm wondering if maybe this will focus just on the games and then finish with a 'stay tuned in a couple of days for a look at the UI and stuff' and maybe reveal the release/pre-order dates there - that probably wouldn't go down well though!
Or, maybe the UI and pricing is first, THEN the gameplay and release dates.

Ok, so no Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart news today, but Spiderman did get a cool gameplay trailer.

However, Ratchet and Clank Ps4 WILL be available to play on PS5 at launch, which is November 12th!!!

Will you be getting the disc edition or the digital edition of the PS5? Digital edition's cheaper filename8.png

Yeah Miles looks really awesome - apparently there's going to be an ultimate edition which comes with Spidey PS4 remastered for PS5! Looking back at the trailer, they updated the PS Studios intro to show Rift Apart footage instead of A4O!

My internet is nowhere near good enough for the digital edition - think I'm gonna have to try and shell out for the disc version haha, how about you? filename64.png


Edit: they're live at some places RIGHT NOW, be quick!!!

YO I'm tryin -- AfroSenju bought SIXTEEN!!!

I mean, even if I get it 4 Christmas, it's not that big a wait emoji