Thread: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

. Maybe Sony don't want digital-only console owners to miss out? filename39.png

Then maybe they shouldn't have purchased the digital only edition. They made their bed. Now they should lie in it. filename18.png

I myself download games more than buying them nowadays, so digital makes sense to me, but yeah - there is a fine art to collecting games that only physical copies can provide.
I'm curious. Why do you prefer buying digital? At the moment I gather a lot of people refer to digital stores because the physical ones are "out of reach". Maybe they don't want to wait a couple days to receive an order from a webshop and go digital. Totally get it. I can also understand the appeal of services like Game Pass, which is like an Xbox-Netflix.

Yeah, especially with covid, it's just easier to download games digitally on PS4. It's instant, unlike ordering off of Amazon. Especially since you don't have to risk a certain popular game being "out of stock" if you drive to a gamestop or something.

If I was a collector, then yeah, I would only buy physical copies.

I honestly think Scott the Woz puts it perfectly:

Ha, I can get onboard with that guy. filename7.gif

Ha, I can get onboard with that guy. filename7.gif

 Scott the Woz is like a perfect YouTuber. His content reminds me of what Youtube was like back in the old days filename5.gif

Speaking of: Pre-Orders!

Found this weird helmet in the Insomniac museum. Can anyone guess what it is? emoji