Thread: If you played Deadlocked PLEASE read this. You could be of m

While looking how to get all Exterminator cards, I came across a 100% showcase video. However, there was something weird about it.

When he got to showcasing the skins, ALL of them had the colors that only the 2nd Player can use on Coop mode.
Those colors are the ones that reflect the "canon" aspect of some skins (i.e. Kid Nova's Player 1 skin's color palette is red, while the palette that Player 2 has when using him is yellow. When Kid Nova appears on a cutscene, he shows that his colors are the ones that Player 2 can use), and in my opinion, are far better than the weird blue palettes that most skins that Player 1 can use

The channel that made the vid commented that he recorded the footage on a PS2.

We need to find out how to change said colors so that everyone else can do it too. I looked throughout everything I could to get answers but there weren't any. This is our last chance

Check the normal color of the skins online, then boot up the game and tell us if your singleplayer file has different colors.