Thread: Supposed "real" alternative reasons Angela has no tail

Okay so we all know the canon now, no need to go over it again, but I have this supposed "fact" I have heard lately from someone that claims the only reason Angela lacks a tail is because dev team "forgot it" and this has apparently been confirmed on an Insomniac stream at some point. Now, I have my suspicions on if this is true or not but I am open minded to the idea, I just want to know which stream it is. But going through every stream Insomniac has made would be tedious as heck, so I'd like to ask if anyone here knows what I'm talking about. Angela Cross lacks a tail not because it was originally designed as lore but because it was a mistake.
Does someone have an answer? A link to where this might have been said or if it's just misinformation? I'd love to know, thanks.
First I've heard of it. Makes sense, but honestly, since she doesn't have a tail, it makes sense that other female lombaxes dont have tails except for alternate-reality fem-ratchet because of alternate dimensions.