Thread: Your Favourite Galactic Rangers Missions

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There has been a few of us that had mentioned liking the Galactic Rangers so much, but I was quite surprised that I didn't see anything about them in the Up Your Arsenal section here.

Teaming up with the GR's was quite fun in Up Your Arsenal and I just want to ask you guys what were your favourite Galactic Rangers missions in of course, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal?

Note: You can pick the name of the missions or the planet location that has these kind of missions in the game.

I don't know the names of the missions by heart though, but I did enjoyed majourity of the missions in planet Aridia. This place had some really outstanding music while teaming up with these guys. Plus the layout designs for these missions made you felt not that stressful to playthrough.

I think Aridia Part 3: I think we'll stay at this turret for now, you know, in case the noids try anything sneaky!
And I already killed all the " noids "

the best Ranger battle is…ALL OF EM LOL none are superior to me lol theyre AMAZIN what woulda been kick butt though is if they make a new RandC where the rangers are in it and THEYRE UPGRADED and theyre like your squad mates in Star Wars Republic Commando lol that would be epic to see rangers like Scorch Fixer Sev and Boss lol i thought it was aweosme when the rangers were all upgraded on mylon an dtheyre whooped those daxx troopers butts lol that was huge surprise 1st time through