Thread: Best Quotes in Up Your Arsenall

Al - Al's Robo Shack, I can't fix it, it aint broke!

Ratchet - Qwark had so many… Wonderful qualities I just don't know where to begin— Oh right. Well he was tall, and he had a uniqe fashion sense, and he had a really big chin with well sorta a kinda of butt shape, and… Ya know? I think I've droned on enough.

Nefarious - Who is responsible for this outrage?!

Klunk - What a load of BULL-

Lawrence - I don't suppose you can play drums???

Oops… This one Bass Odyssey!
Nefarious - What do you mean we can't teleport to a planet?!

Lawrence: I'm afriad were well out of range sir, perhaps if you bothered specifying a destination…

Nefarious - When will we be in range?!

Lawrence - Oh i'm sure something will come along, in say five or ten, thousand years…

Nefarious - Ahh I don't believe this! Now what?

Lawrence - I don't suppose you can play drums?


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Too many funny quotes. but chars who had ALOT of funny quotes were lawrence quark rangers and nefarious