Thread: Look for Lombax writing!

You have a point there! ratchetruler! but the example, if you zoom in you can see that the quality is better in the text than the image! which means it's just to hide the original text! or just because they was working on a font for itbut din't had it when they made the first design of the page!

And the seech bubble is a mysterium! but if we look at the other places, we migth be able to decode it, and translate the buubble ourselves!


WAIT: the text you are talking about is not the same as other places! it looks like the letters on axiom city! if we can decode what it means, we should be able to decode the letters in axiom city too! and the we can make a new font!

The Lombax language look very interesting, doesn't it?

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This is like Sherlock Holmes xD