Thread: Insomniac's Next Game!


This is what we thought Insomniac Click were working on, but according to Vitti: "The team formerly known as "Click" is simply Insomniac Games now. We are releasing ALL games regardless of platform and audience under the Insomniac Games umbrella."

Still, this is the internet game, and it is going to be on Facebook within time

Here is the trailer:

So what do you think?

i'm sure Creaturebox is making the drawing here!
Look at this artwork from a ps3 games wich was planned to be made by IG and Creaturebox… it got cancelled though…
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You gotta admit it looks the same when it comes to drawaing?

But quite awsome. but i gotta say IG is quite a kind of future and galaxy kinda game developers…

I'm actually looking forward to Outernauts! The graphics look smooth and well cute haha XD

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It´s good there expansion to other platforms…