Thread: HELP!!

Haha, yeah i was a bit kidding with that one emoji

Luckily, my PS3 never died before…

Ha, you're lucky, I'm on my third or fourth, from Blu-ray failure to freezing/overheating problems I probably just wear them out emoji

Hope you can solve the glitch, somehow…

I dont really think that i can solve the glitch..
Well once after i level upped all weapons i had in multiplayer, i went back to the story, and all of my weapon icons were blue emoji Quite cool, and after i went back to multiplayer, the weapons were back to normal.. but this glitch.. i just cant get it away emoji

And with the PS3, my friend also broke it bout 4 times emoji

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Ok, I suppose this is where I post problems I'm having with the game, so here it is.

I had gotten all the Skill Points, except the last one, Spreading Your Germs if I remember correctly, then, I replayed the game on Challenge Mode, got the Skill Point, but didn't earn the earn the trophy of getting all Skill Points, nor the one of getting this particular one, but the data is there, the Skill Point and the Cheat I unlocked. Anyone has had this problem?

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Yeah I had the same problem,I had to replay the whole game again :/

Hey, i'm gonna record the disappearing weapons glitch and upload it, so you can see how it looks like, it is really awkward emoji