Thread: Game Saves

I've been looking everywhere for downloadable saved game files for the PS2 version of Secret Agent Clank because I have beaten the game once, but ended up trading it in to help pay for my PS3. I now have another copy because I wanted to add to my Ratchet & Clank collection and am still trying to find a saved game file so I don't have to fight Klunk again as it was extremely difficult the first time and took me several months to do so. I've looked on websites such as and even did a google search, but have only found files for the PSP version. I was wondering if anyone who here who has the game for PS2 and has beaten it already could upload or message me with a copy of a saved game file for ps2. And I am looking for a US/NTSC version of the game file. I've tried converting the PSP version to PS2, but no matter what I do, it is incompatible. I've also tried looking for action replay, gameshark, and codebreaker codes, but once again all I found were European Versions and only for the PSP which once again cannot be converted. If you want info on how to transfer a saved game file to your computer to post online or message to someone, let me know, as it is very simple. If need be I can also convert file types (from .psv to .max, from max to .cbs, etc.) so my PS2 can recognize it. I would be very greatful for this. Thanks.