Thread: The dirtiest R&C title in your opinion?

It is no secret by now that Ratchet & Clank have a history of innuendos, but which one that they've used stands out to you and why? (The why is optional.)
I thought this might be fun to discuss.

You know there's really only 5 candidates for this fro:

Going Commando
Up Your Arsenal
Size Matters
Quest for Booty
Full Frontal Assault

The rest of the titles are a bit more of a stretch when it comes to innuendo, at least in my opinion.

Man there are so many I can't think of any!!

Except 4 Play.

Too much choice really, but I'd go with Up Your Arsenal. That was the one that made me realise all the games had innuendo in the titles.

If even Going Commando is candidate (It's title never interrupted me… at least until now emoji) I'm gonna come up with "Thanks for the Armories" comic book! It's always something new.

Quest for Booty, with others I never understood the double entender the first time but with QoB, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Ha yea, at school if I ever spoke to anyone about R&C, it would go like this: "Hey, did you play Ratchet & Clank back in the day? What was your favorite? Mine was Up Your Arsenal! What a funny name." "Oh the PS2 ones were great, but I like the PS3 ones better like Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty or A Crack in Time" "PS3!? Wait, did you just say Quest for Booty!!?"

There's no way anyone could miss it.

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Up your Arsenal xD

Dirtie Ratchet games? The only thing that comes in mind is R&C3:

''What a load of bull-''

Cause it made you think sh**. Mind trick ;P

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xD that was hilarious,best cutscene ever