Thread: Tournament Ratchet & Clank Up Your Arsenal Online (compe

This is a forum consecrated for the organization of matchs in Online .
Today , several matchs will be organized with french players as Taker , LordPatapon , Zaim1630 and me CRASHBANDIC_OT2- emoji
We are waiting British , American and Irish player in our game emoji

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I can't play today but i'll play with you another time emoji

Ok MrSwiftey , Whenever you want ! emoji

This is a short movie of our game in Online with the french players : Taker , Zazou1998 , Ratchetteraflux and me .
Taker and Zazou were in the red team .
Ratchetteraflux and me were in the blue team .
Link :
Good viewing emoji

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Cool,by the way is the name of the Clan HawkEye'sShot?

Yeah , the name of my clan is HawkEye'sShot emoji
it's the first in the world emoji