Thread: Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile

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For the people that want to download the game, here an instruction!

Note: There are 2 versions: Series 40 & Series 60. The Series 60 is a longer version, i don't know wich version this is…




- Mobile Phone

Tip: You can only do this on older phone without Android or IOS, your phone needs to run Java games. It works with the Samsung star, corby, … and with older nokia's.

1: Download the game from the link above.
2: Get it to your phone (Just put it on a mini SD-Card or do it with BlueTooth)
3: Click on the game and it will work! (It's possible that it asks to install the game, just click 'Yes' or 'Install'emoji
4: You can play the game!

- Computer

1: You have to download KEmulator, for instruction click here or here.
2: Now you just have to load the .Jad / .Jar file like they said in the tutorial above, and you can play it!

If you have any questions, please ask them!!


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I'm gonna make a tutorial tomorrow!

EDIT: I do it this afternoon, when i'm back from school!

EDIT: I'm gonna make my homework, and after that i'l post the video! It's gonna be online in 3 hours!

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One of the few R&C games I haven't played. Thanks Gerben!

One of the few R&C games I haven't played. Thanks Gerben!

I filmed the video, i'm gonna edit it right now!

Aww, video is offline

there`s no download link