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I'm making a new project, named '#RatchetClankMemories'. You can post all your favorite R&C memories, from the first game to the laste, from the comics to the action figures, just all your favorite moments! And you can post it here, or on twitter with #RatchetClankMemories, or you can post a reactions to the YouTube video I made. So please, join, and in a few weeks I will make a video with the favorite memories from Ratchet & Clank emoji

R&C3: Playing the first 2 or 3 levels never got old as we didn't have a memory card and we'ren't very good at it. This took ages to complete, and was the first AAA title I had ever completed, and I felt so great entering challenge mode.

R&C2: Being this was my second R&C game I was really young and upon loading it up I really felt like this was the best game I would ever play. The first level was just so great.

EDIT: I also remember going to my grandparents on my dads side, and hiring a PS2, R&C2, and Sims 2. Me and my sister constancy fighting over the machine, and my Nana and Grandad shaking their heads as I played. I sucked at the races and gliders so got my sister to do them, she had more patience than me. And during the thug battle at Thug HQ the Thug Leader said "I'm gonna crush you like a little bug", to which my gandad commented "Did he just say what I thought he said", I reassured him that the thug was saying "BUG" and not F-something-something… good times.

Ratchet: Gladiator: This was my 3rd game. But the most engraved memories from this one date around Halloween some year. Me and my brother went out and brought all the lollies we could so we could come how and have a Ratchet: Gladiator marathon for hours on end that night. Greatest Co-op experience I had ever had until LBP.

R&C:SM PS2: It really felt different playing this game, It was very apparent that it had been developed by another company. I spent most of my time playing this thinking about how much I'd like to own R&C1.

SAC PSP: Now this had some very clear memories going for it. Me and my mum decided to sneak away from home and go to our grandparents house, it was such a gutsy move that she rewarded me by buying me Secret Agent Clank and hiring a PSP. I was so excited to get my hands on this tiny device and the 'last' Ratchet & Clank, that I could have exploded! I found a nice corner of the flash house with a wall socket, plugged the device in and played for hours on end. I remember my grandparents were a little concerned so took me for a walk just as I finished off Klunk! I felt so great going for a walk after having done such a difficult battle, that's a gaming memory that will be with me forever. I also remember scamming about 80 or 100 bucks out of my brother to buy a PSP in the following months. When I had my own PSP 3000 model my life was complete

R&C1: When My mum said she had brought one while I was playing SAC at my grandparents place I felt complete, with it being the last R&C game on my list. When we got it I was back home played Size Matters. I ripped the disc out of the machine and immediately replaced it with this (at the time) rare beauty.

And my mum eventually moved out and got a house, there were all sorts of shiny new things, but the most impressive was the great TV and the PS3. I literally never dreamed of having such a thing, hell I was spazzing out over getting a PS2 and PSP, this PS3 was just the greatest thing I had ever seen. And Tools of Destruction was just beautiful, this was my greatest R&C memory, starting up ToD and seeig everything in this crazy thing called HD.

SAC PS2: Maybe this was the most memorable PS2 title as it was my last, we spent a lot of time waiting for loading screens, but overall were initially very impressed in the way it smashed the PSP version.

Getting R&C: QFB was also a grand memory, Hoolefar felt so huge and full of life.

After QFB I started drawing pictures, writing stories and planning future games starring Dr. N and Ameboids. I also joined the IG community and got active on the internet, the teasers and information on ACiT was awesome. The waiting was intense, and when I played it at launch it was all worth it. We couldn't hire it forever though so the wait to Christmas was a long one, and once I had it I spent all Christmas playing. It was the first Chirstmas I had gotten a video game, and it felt magical.

A4O and FFA were also great, but none had the excitement that these older games had. Probably because I was just a little kid, and I was very lucky to get to go to a store in town with flat-screen TV's in it let alone be permitted to viewing one as often as I felt like it!

This had been another poorly written post-in-a-minute, courtesy of that guy who writes faster than he thinks emoji

So, my favorite moments/memories:
R&C1 - It was my first game that I played in my life, I was 4 years old emoji
R&C: QfB - I go it together with ToD and my Playstation 3 that i got from my dad, he made me so happy, first he gaved me the two games, and said, now we only need a PS3 emoji That I was planning to watch TV, and i saw the PS3 emoji

You can also post your favorite moments, like the moment that Ratchet died, …

I still remember that I didn't even consider he had died until he was back. If I was one year behind and didn't get into any other games while waiting for ACiT, I would have definitely felt that death.

Which reminds me that I remember my first battle with YouTube was with R&C:ACiT. We got broadband and I was hooking everything up, PS3, Laptop, PS3 again and the computer another hundred times. There was a video on R&C:ACiT which had so much content I had to watch it over and over… and our internet was so slow I watched the first 3 seconds over and over, then the first 5 seconds about 10 times, followed by the next 2 seconds, and so on… it was great! At least it downloaded, on dial-up such a feat would never have been possible.

Now by mighty 15.08 Mbps Download speed and 500 GB internet cap laughs at whatever we use to have back then. Although it always had nice online play with LBP and Resistance.

And here I am going off topic again…

Back in 02, my dad had to go work in Spain, he promised that he'd bring me a new thing once he returned for X-Mas in 2004.
I was very excitd because he knew that I'd die just to get an N64, and I was 100% sure that that was what he was going to give me.
2003 was pretty quick, but 2004 was painfully slow, I'd count the days until I could finally plug a StarFox 64 cartdrige and see Corneria in beautiful 3D.
Comes the 12/24 and I hear a knock on the door. I rush to it, open it and it's my dad.
He gave me a box, but once I opened it I cried like a b****. I tossed the box and went to my room to play Starfox on the SNES.
3 hours later there I am, sneaking through the door and seeing my dad hook up that strange device.
He showed me the game that came with it.
It was a strange whit box with 3 furry creatures in it. After I picked it up, three games fell from the side of the box, R&C, GC and UYA.

And the rest is history…

It's like no one wants Ratchet until they've got it. I never wanted to play it either. We'd hired the PS2 for a fair while and we had about 4 games. Pac-man Rally, Rayman 3, Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal and some Crash game. The Crash game was unpopular due to there being too much ice or something, I don't know I only played one very hard level and hated it.

All I wanted to do was play Rayman 3, all the others wanted to do was play that stupid space game with the ridiculous furry creature and all the dumb futuristic guns. It looked like crap. I even wagged school one day to get as far as I could into Rayman 3, and everyone came home from school very upset at what I'd done. I got so far into the game I didn't want to turn off the system, so we left it on until later that night. We had to turn it off, and I knew I'd never make it to the end, just like Rayman 2 (which I played on PC for a little bit prior to seeing the PS2).

The next day it was Ratchet & Clank again. Ewww, the game made me sick. But I had no choice but to sit and watch, as I didn't want anyone to 'tell' what I'd done the previous day. I noticed something while sitting there though: My brothers and sister sucked at playing this game! They were on Veldin taking turns dying, my older brother was the gamer in the house, he played a 007 game, and a Wolfenstein game, and managed to get the the second level: Florana.

I found it to be tiring watching them all fail so much, so joined the loop, and it turned out… fun. I started from Veldin confident I could get back to Folrana, and I did. I can't remember who beat Qwark, weather it was me or my older brother, but it was close and from the Styarship Pheonix onwrds I was on a roll. After only a few minutes/hours I was better than all of my brothers and sister who'd been playing for days. At first I said that it was due to Rayman's level of difficulty being perfect, but I think at that stage I was sort of done defending Rayman. I would be the platformer, and my brother the shooter. Although after Deus Ex he never played another game, so I guess he dropped from the gamer class pretty fast.

Back then, I thought that the Boltiplier crate was something that gave Ratchet increased power, and it was impossible to kill the giant mutated plant without it.

I was such a n00b emoji

Yea well we use to think that the bad guy was called Dr. Qwark Nefarious. It didn't take long to figure out that Qwark and Nefarious were two completely different characters.

Oh, this is a good one.

I used to think that the Q-Force were those buttons that deactivated force fields in Aquatos.

R&C: QfB - I remember getting PS3 at Christmas 2009, with three games boxed with it. The only one that stayed in my house to this day is the one I didn't want to unpack. But I did that, when I was bored as hell during early 2011. And so my first real-platformer adventure began. Of course I skipped the cutscenes, but as soon as I got to Hoolefar Island, the game got me. I was just running around different levels, being more and more stunned with their amazing desings, ideas, graphics… The only flustrating thing was the "To be continued" screen, that appeared too quick.
R&C: SM (PSP) - This time there was no cutscene skipping - and I was good with that decision. The game impressed me pretty much, since it was there when I saw a big load of weapons, planet traveling, gold/titanum bolts, R&C humour… So many memories from playing it. This game is the only place where someone else's nightmare is your nightmare.
R&C: ToD/ACiT - Going deeper into series. These games showed me a full potential of Ratchet & Clank. I already knew the series pretty much so there's not much more to say about these too. Except the fact that my PS3 broke ToD's disc TWICE.
PlayStation Move Heroes - Buying this game was a mistake. I know it's just mediocre, but after playing full-time Ratchets I hated it. I HATED IT. And the Polish dub was so ear-hurting.
R&C: A4O - The first game I was waiting for. The first game I preordered. And it was worth it! I didn't have such a good time with it as I did with previous ones, but it was still nice to play with my sister. After experience with PS Move Heroes, I was almost praying there won't be any dub in this. There was, and to my suprise, it was pretty good.
R&C - And Christmas 2011 came. I already had all the PS3 titles, so is there anything better to get from Santa than a PS2. Unfortunately, I played too much new R&C games in too short time period and I quickly got tired with it. And a few months later there came news about Collection…
R&C: FFA - One important memory with it. When I saw the announcment I did a long, loud "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". I really wanted (and still want to be honest) series to retire.

R&C: SM (PSP) - This time there was no cutscene skipping - and I was good with that decision. The game impressed me pretty much, since it was there when I saw a big load of weapons, planet traveling, gold/titanum bolts, R&C humour… So many memories from playing it. This game is the only place where someone else's nightmare is your nightmare.

Dude, Metal Gear Solid would have blown your mind across the room. All the hardware manipulation and crazy stuff with the Mantis's and The Sorrow are nuts. MGS3 counts exactly who you've killed and you run into them again in limbo when an old spirit medium rescues you from death while reminding you about the suckyness of war and killing.

R&C: FFA - One important memory with it. When I saw the announcment I did a long, loud "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". I really wanted (and still want to be honest) series to retire.

Really? I have never once wanted Ratchet & Clank to retire, and when I heard about Tools of Destruction I quickly thought about how cool it was the games could still be getting released. But after that I quickly came back to reality and never thought about it again… I'm not kidding, I actually never even thought about it until I got it, it's really crazy!

All those memories, so great emoji

My story started when I was at a friend of mine, playing R&C: ToD, and I knew I had to play it too. Too bad I just had a PS2, so for Christmas I got my first game, R&C: GC. I was sold, but at the time, I wasn't such a good gamer, so I got up to the final boss, but I couldn't beat him. (I beat the game with just the Visibomb and the spiderbot). So I didn't play the game for about a year.

About a year later I saw R&C: UYA for 20 euros in the store, so I thought "Yeah, why not?", and bought it. R&C UYA was way easier than GC, so I beat the game, and found out there was a challenge mode! After I beat that I went back to R&C:GC, and with my new skills, I managed to beat it too. After that I bought R&C and R&C gladiator, and beat those, I wanted more!

So, a few months later, I saved enough money to buy R&C: SM and SaC for PS2 (which were about 50 euros, while the others were about 20), so I had high expectations. I felt amazingly disappointed. But I knew there were three more games on the PS3, so i started saving for one (R&C was the only reason I bought a PS3!) after a year, I could play these games and I had great fun with them.

So, then I heard about R&C: A4O coming out, and it was the first one I preordered. A year after that I got FFA, and although they weren't bad games, they just didn't catch the feeling that the others got. So, in about 5 days I'll be able to play R&C: ITN, and I hope it will bring the classic feeling back.

Those are some cool stories!

The more I think about the history with the games the more I remember… funny that.

Beating UYA was such an accomplishment, I had no memory card so I had to beat it in one day.
Didn't beat GC cause of it's difficulty and R&C1 got scratched ^^'.