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Of course they do, it sucks emoji
I usually just make my own pizza, much better and I can be assured that my pizza isn't upside down or that it has so much pepperoni that I can't see the cheese.

Yeah I don't know how Pizza Hut might taste on other parts of the world but in North America its considered to be the last-resort for pizza, if its "considered" at all.

As for PSAS, I first started out playing as Sly (thought I don't anymore). I think good characters to start with would be PaRappa, Raiden, and Jak, to name a few.

I played PS All-Stars a while ago and I can say it's quite fun (if you have someone to play with of course), and I don't usually enjoy this type of game. I liked it mostly because all heroes had distinct moves and attacks.
The stories seem kinda bland, there's nothing interesting in the plot, but I expected this from such a game.
In the R&C campaign, there is a really weird picture in one of the cutscenes where Ratchet has a freakish smile… (kinda disturbing in my opinion…emoji.

Yeah, I saw that scene too. It's not disturbing, but just, weird…

And for the campaign, I'm okay with the plot. It fits in that type of game

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Hello ! happy new year ! emoji

But Ebola is always here…

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Happy new year guys info thé english part of RG. emoji

Happy new year, English members !

Hope the visits in this part will increase with the upcoming PS4 game and the upcoming movie.

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Happy new year guys info thé english part of RG. emoji

Si t'as essayé de faire un jeu de mot thé/the c'est loupé en anglais y a jamais d'accent emoji

Happy New Year from the French side! emoji

Already now, I wish you and your family a Happy New Year 2015, a good health and much pleasure in your life! emoji

Happy New Year to all of you too!

Happy New Year to you too emoji

Best Wishes !!!

Aaaaaand still no news about R&C from IG

Happy new year from Tenerife!

Aaaaaand still no news about R&C from IG

What did you expect? It's New Year, they were celebrating.