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Hello !

First, i want apologize for my english, i'm realy bad emoji

Being a big fan of the of David Bergeaud's compositions and finding very important the work of retranscription to develop his ear, I began to write some scores of Ratchet and Clank's musics.

I do not think that the scores which perfected, but the main part has to be there. emoji

By searching on Internet I moreover realized that there wasn't a lot of (score) published on R&C and I am say that could interest someone !

I published a first score (the famous theme of Blackwater City) on this site under the size GuitarPro. And below the list of the existing scores on the net. If you find it others do not hesitate to send it to me I shall add it in the existing list !

Coming soon : Undefined

Scores Pack (GuitarPro, MIDI, PDF) :

Blackwater City

Catacrom IV - All Aboard the Landstalker

Starship Phoenix Under Attack

Dobbo - Testing Facility

Veldin - Kyzil Plateau

Boldan - Silver City New

Catacrom IV - Valley of Hero New

DreadZone Station Interior - Destroy the West Generator New

Ghost Station - Escape New

Ghost Station - The Grinding Chase New

Rykan V - Gyro-Cycle New

Existing scores :

Blackwater City (Ultimate Guitar) :
Blackwater City (Mega) :!XkBHVTjb!4GNn4ma6L441SxUVd2wRlbts7L4YmlMJJKwZ_KVdmCw

Metropolis :
Metropolis (for piano) :

Barlow (Hoverbike Victory) :

If you can't open GuitarPro files i shall create PDF or export in MIDI.

Scores under MIDI :

Blackwater City :!ukJFDSRb!5vBmsGMPSUVCfxLcsH2Zo4t3YHs65C8GbkfrlTyw2KM

Maraxus :

Scores under PDF :

Blackwater City :!v9ZlxYoQ!Hh1w1imEG-bAthIVRY-RHh0FhrAiX8tACDvF1D0sRuw

I will try to uptate topic to the futures scores.

Have a good day !

Hello everyone ! I post the new score "Starship Phoenix Under Attack".

If you have some idea for the next score, or if you want a particular score, say it to me !

Have a good day ! emoji

Hello everyone ! I add two news partitions Veldin and Dobbo.

Good holidays !

Could you upload a MIDI file for Kyzil Plateau from RAC3 please?

Sorry to have make so long time to answer ! In one week i will in holidays. I gonna work again on partitions. This music have some electronic effect so it's difficult to make a perfect retranscription, but i will try emoji

I inform you in the next weeks,

Good evening !

The links to the blackwater city midi are broken

I replace some links and I add a lot of partitions and MIDI sound in the list. Enjoy emoji

Hi there, it's been a while... but, i was wondering... can you get these files back online? It would be great for everyone who wants to make something out of them!