Thread: The Star Wars Thread

Ah yes, Obi-Wan...

'Cause we have none of that. filename18.png

(RIP spoiler tag)

Yeah, I noticed that the spoiler tag is broken...

On a second thought, maybe reviving Clone Wars would be fine.

Yup the spoiler tag's broken.

I was never really interested in Star Wars. It looked awesome, but it didn't really grab my interest too much for some reason. When I first watched the Clone Wars series, well....something happened that I can't change. I'm hooked on to it whether I like it or not, so I choose to live with that however I can.
James Arnold Taylor doing Obi-wan Kenobi? Forget it! I freaked out the first time I found out about that! I still feel anxiety whenever I think about it. I can already feel that coursing through my whole body as I'm writing this.

Recently found out Isaacs is The Inquisitor in Rebels. That blew my mind.

A little preview of what's to come! The biggest most epic Star Wars lightsaber battle that never came to be! Hopefully uploading videos weekly will become a regular thing.

So, the Clone Wars will be coming back to haunt me again? That's just great....
It looks like James Arnold Taylor and Matt Lanter at least WANT to play the voices of obi-wan and anakin in SW Battlefront

It'd be weird if they didn't cast Taylor, wouldn't it? I believe he also voiced Kenobi in Battlefront II... the other Battlefront II. 
Really? They do? I guess they enjoyed their roles. Um...I know I would want them for my stories.

Look who's coming to the new Thrawn novel!

Yeah, I saw that! Love this exclusive cover art. I haven't read the first novel yet, but I should do that now! 

(Thrawn totally stole Mara Jade's outfit though! I've a feeling this cover was made by the same artist as Zahn's Choices of One)