Thread: The Star Wars Thread

Yeah, I know, but....I won't get into it. I stopped watching new episodes of that series since Season 3
So....Obi-wan's woman ends up getting killed....that's just great....!
The poor guy never got a happy ending, did he? I know that he and Satine could never be together even if she ends up remaining alive, but still. It's so sad. Doesn't the poor guy ever get a break?????
So, they're still continuing the project? Whatever, I stopped watching the show since Season 3, so, that doesn't matter to me, not anymore.
I've actually never made it through season one. I love Rebels, but just couldn't get into Clone Wars... unfortunately.
Hmm... I'm honestly not too enthousiastic about Resistance. Feels like a very typical main character in this trailer. We'll see, I'm hopeful. 
Yeah, Resistance was boring. Simply put: a kiddy-kids shows. Adults will have no interest in it, even though Poe, Kylo, and Phasma will bring their voices back eventually.

Right now, Clone Wars and the new Mandalorian series are the only things keeping Star Wars alive.

Oh heck yes. It was only a few words, but Mandalorian sounds AWESOME! anyone interested in the Star Wars Battlefront game?