Thread: The Star Wars Thread

Yeah, I know, but....I won't get into it. I stopped watching new episodes of that series since Season 3
So....Obi-wan's woman ends up getting killed....that's just great....!
The poor guy never got a happy ending, did he? I know that he and Satine could never be together even if she ends up remaining alive, but still. It's so sad. Doesn't the poor guy ever get a break?????
So, they're still continuing the project? Whatever, I stopped watching the show since Season 3, so, that doesn't matter to me, not anymore.
I've actually never made it through season one. I love Rebels, but just couldn't get into Clone Wars... unfortunately.
Hmm... I'm honestly not too enthousiastic about Resistance. Feels like a very typical main character in this trailer. We'll see, I'm hopeful.