Thread: Ratchet and Clank Nexus glitch

Hmm perhaps this should be the official ITN glitch thread. (and trust me, I ain't done yet!)

Just today, I discovered that if you make it to the end of the water rising level, and don't do the bolt crank, you can enter a weapons testing arena, and the water will keep rising until you exit.
You can safely get the RYNO part, and the arena will look green until you crank the bolt crank.
When you exit to the sky train station, the water will be above you, which looks really cool!

Checked out your ITN glitch video, also thought the A crack in time one you poster the other time was pretty cool.

How do go about finding these lol? Just go around each area trying to get around barriers and into spaces etc?

Yeah. Explore every area with Clank on Ratchet's back in ACIT.

It looks like you tore apart the space-time continuum in that video. Just completely ripped apart all that is reality. (Within the game universe, that is.) emoji

Yep! Who says who need a TRUE dimensionator to rip through walls of reality? emoji


Step 1: Head to the Neftin Prog boss arena.
Step 2: Since you can move around for a while, run to the weapons vendor.
Step 3: Test the winterizer in the Prog Boss battle! All Thugs will turn into holograms, and you will get no bolts! You also can't get hurt during the battle.
Step: Beat him. You now have only one weapon on your wheel, and you can't get bolts until you enter another weapons test. You also are INVULNERABLE!

User image

Waaait, why is Ratchet wearing the Holoflux armor?

Holoflux armor?


Thug armor resembles Holoflux but without the visor…

From the back wilh a little distance it certainly does!

From the back wilh a little distance it certainly does!

Ratchet's head is too big–that's the key.