I just bought your ratchet gladiator for my ps3 expecting the same thing as on the ps3 but in much better hd quality. Everything was fine for me until i bought 2 new controllers to play 4 player split screen with my brothers i was pissed off to see that it only worked for 2 players but there is still 2 empty spots. please add this into your next update
Thank you

Insomniac Games (original developer) and Idol Minds (studio responsible for the port) don't visit that forum, you will only find fans here. Also, Gladiator NEVER allowed more than two players to play on a single screen (as the PS2 had only two controller slots), this is just a port of the game purely as it was on PS2 (with additional resolution… and bugs), no new features included. Also, you're talking about a PSN exclusive two years old port of a ten years old game. I'm sorry, but nobody will be patching it at this point.