Thread: Freezing When Upgrading Weapons

It's been a while since I last played this game, but the last time I did play it, I was trying to upgrade all of my weapons and the very last one was the Chimp-O-Matic. It seems that every time it went to the upgrade sequence with this weapon, the game would freeze up and I had to start over with upgrading it. Has anyone else ever experienced this and if so, has anyone ever found a fix for this? Also, could it just be the disc that I have? Please help, and thanks.

Ehm. Does is like freeze-freeze? Or just get stuck for a while? I don't think I've had this with ACiT, but I do have it some times during ToD. Quite frequently actually. Some times resulting in a double level up. Just gotta wait it out.

It actually freezes-freezes, but I think it's the disc because I bought a digital copy the other day and haven't had a problem…yet.

Well, if that fixes it. Good job!