Thread: Deadlocked Clans

Hey everyone.

I was wondering if there are any clans in Deadlocked, besides the one I'm in. The clan I'm in, Team ShadowNuke, is hoping for competition, which is unfortunately hard to find in Deadlocked. Anyone up for clan wars, alliances, and so on?

Sounds like a cool idea,haven't played Deadlocked in years though I'd still be interested in playing online however I may not be very good emoji

Well, practice makes perfect. We all suck at games at first. Eventually you can get better.

Haven't been on Deadlocked in years, and have never really been into the multiplayer to begin with. Are there still some people genuinely playing multiplayer?
Right now UYA is getting somewhat of a revival but i basically quit UYA some long time ago too emoji
Might go back to it though, and when i'm at it, maybe play some rounds of Deadlocked. emoji

I played more UYA myself emoji message me if you want to play it sometime emoji