Thread: Alister Azimuth : The Best of us

It was time for me to intervene on the English forum.
Not a single topic on this wonderful Persian cat that is Alister. /:

This is not normal, I want to say. He's still the best character of Ratchet and Clank, and according to Ratchet 50, the father of Ratchet! He may have been "cocu" Kaden, that's no reason to forget it ! Personally, I do not think that, Alister is a free spirit.

Biography: Former general. Praetorian guard lombax. High advisor of the center of advanced research lombax. One of the best friends of Kaden. Exile, because he is above the game, he is interested in clocks. His studies led him to discover the existence of the Great zoni, since it wants to break the mouth to Clank and Ratchet.

He's a lombax. He's big, he's strong, he's using his key. Here are some pictures representing him, not to forget his kindness and his open-mindedness !

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Alister is awesome.
I can only point out the fact that he fights with a Wrench just like ratchet !
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Among all the weapon that are in the ratchet games, he's the only one who fights with a wrench like ratchet. It clearly shows some DNA connection between the two characters.

Also, Alister is super good looking, one of the most good looking character in ratchet & clank. We don't see him a lot in fan-fiction, people think he doesn't have a lot of success because of that. But I think people are just affraid that, after putting Alister in a fiction, everything suddently becomes more erotic and 18+. That's why most people focus on ratchet & clank, while secretly wanting to talk more about Alister Azimuth.

I think Alister is an eternal bachelor.