Gadgets: Vac-U 4000

Vac-U 4000


  • Price: free
  • Available from: Aldaros Plains

The Vac-U 4000, commonly shortened to Vac-U, is a gadget used to suck up objects, other playable characters or enemies. It can be used to suck up other playable characters, and then shoot them out to reach the other side of a gap and activate a button to draw a bridge so the whole team could get to the next part of a level. The Vac-U is also handy to suck up Voltergeists and shoot them out into a socket to extend a bridge or open a door. If two characters equip the Vac-U and suck up an Elasta-Shock, anything between the two characters will be destroyed by a laser wire that connects the Vac-U’s together.