Since the whole game takes place on the Merdegraw planet, this section lists all locations and missions that Ratchet will have to go through to finish this short adventure.

Azorean Sea

  • Fight the Pirates

Hoolefar Island

  • Explore Hoolefar Island
  • Repair the Wind Turbines
  • Find the Beacon
  • Find the Guy with the Beacon Part
  • Buy the Beacon Part
  • Return the Beacon Part
  • Repair he Beacon
  • Find the Mayor
  • Meet Rusty Pete at the beach

Morrow Caverns

  • Find the body of Captain Darkwater
  • Escape Morrow Caverns!

Hoolefar Island

  • Warn Mayor Worley
  • Battle the Undead Pirates

Darkwater Cove

  • Search for Clues
  • Solve the Riddles of Darkwater
  • Fight like a Pirate!
  • Enter the Treasure Room
  • Escape the Deadly Caves
  • Track Down Captain Slag

Azorean Sea

  • Recover the Fulcrum Star