This guide was originally written for the Ratchet and Clank Wiki

Stratus City, Kortog

  • Use the Robo-Wings to fly into the diamond shape object in the middle of the map. When you land there will two paths go either way. On one path there will be tesledrones and on the other Droyphyd Sentrys. When you defeat the enemies you will find some boxes, break them and you will have the first holo-plan.

Imperial Fight Festival, Mukow

  • When on the Ferris wheel just after the first hazard, you will see some Raritanium chests; jump off the Ferris wheel and onto them. Break everything and you will see some boxes below. Go there and break them and you will have the next holo-plan.

Nundac Asteroid Ring, Apogee Space Station

  • At Teleport Station Delta, there is an asteroid that requires you to swing across two Versa targets with the Swingshot. Smash the boxes there to find the piece.

Pirate Base, Ardolis

  • In the pirate bar you will find a heli-pod target. Use the heli-pod and you will find some boxes, break them and you will have another holo-plan.

Lava refineries, Rykan V

  • Once you get to the lava chutes, locate the device vendor. Next to the vendor will be a metal tower. Jump on that and grab the ledge with the glowing pipes and scoot to the left. You will reach another platform, then turn around and grab the ledge and scoot to the left again. Upon reaching the platform, you will see a green glowing shield wall. Jump between the box and the metal box to the left, then use your heli-pods to activate the lift on the roof. In front of you will be the Holo-Plan.

Outpost L-51, Sargasso

  • Use the Robo-Wings to get onto the building next to the troglosaur that is standing on Tri-pads. Defeat the Grubsnuckers. The holo-plan is in the crates.

IRIS supercomputer, Kreeli Comet

  • When you reach the first checkpoint with the Weapon Store and the music changes, turn around and walk back to the ship you just came from. Look to your right and you will see a series of platforms below you. Jump down and swingshot over to the first island and you can find a holo-plan in the crates. Follow the platforms across to a Pirate Doorkeeper and do the dance to get inside. There is a Gold Bolt and Raritanium inside, as well as a platform that will return you to the upper floors.

Zordoom prison, Viceron

  • At the place where you take the taxi back to your ship, break the boxes on the platforms above and you will have the next piece.

Kerchu City, Jasindu

  • At the place where pirates come towards you, turn to the right and on top of a ledge you will find a Raritanium chest; break it and you will have the holo-plan.

Slag's fleet, Ublik passage

  • To the right of the first bolt crank you encounter, there is a grav-ramp on the ground behind the turret. Follow it along and break the boxes nearby; the Holo-plan is in one of them.

Cragmites ruins, Reepor

  • On the battlefield near Aphelion, there are two turret rooms on the left and right that Cronk and Zephyr enter and activate. Go to the right turret room's entrance and look to the left. Long Jump to the platform that is there and smash the boxes to find the holo-plan piece.

Meridian City, Igliak

  • Halfway through the level, once you pass the Weapon Vendor and Grav-ramp, there is a large domed room with a pitfall to the city below in the middle. To the right of the room there is a raised platform with a Cragmite. The boxes nearest to the entrance contain the holo-plan piece.

Lombax ruins, Fastoon

  • This holo-plan is not attainable before the final return to Fastoon when the Cragmites are over-running the planet. After you have crossed the Grav-ramp and used the Decryptor, you will have to fight a bunch of Cragmites, while managing to step on the Tri-pads. The holo-plan is in the crates directly across the room from the weapon vendor.