Gold Bolts


  • Requires Magneboots: A magneboots track is located on the right when exiting Grimroth's garage, alongside the path that leads to the Galactic Ranger course. The gold bolt is located at the top of that track.


  • After walking up the stairs leading to the train station, go to your right instead of following the main path on the left. Use your Heli-pack to climb to the top of the steel crates that have arrows on them. From there you can jump on top of the other steel crates that seem to block the way. The gold bolt is located behind those.
  • The gold bolt is located on the third island of the Captain Qwark's fitness course.


  • In the sandshark area (where you had to help Skid McMarx), a gold bolt can be seen behind a grate. From there just follow the wall around to a dead end. If you closely look at the wall, holes will be visible. Simply use a bomb to destroy it and access the cave leading to the gold bolt.
  • In the room where you acquired the Hydrodisplacer, empty the pool and jump down to the platform with a bolt crank. Dive into the water to go get the gold bolt.
  • Requires the Magneboots and the Thrusterpack: Walk up the magneboots track located next to the camp of Skid's agent (which you can go back to using a teleporter) to access a huge crank bolt. Use your Thrusterpack to activate the mechanism. This will move cranes and align some Swingshot targets. Use them to access the area in which the gold bolt sits in the bed of a truck in the middle of an army of sandsharks.


  • In the section where you have to disable forcefields (at the end of route leading to the Hoverboard races), climb on top of what seems like an advertising board (at the exit of the maze). From there, you can jump on top of the pillars of the maze and simply walk all the way to the gold bolt area. Jump down to get it. A button will be there to disable the forcefields and exit afterwards.
  • During the Hoverboard race, stay on the upper path at the beginning of the lap until its end to get the gold bolt located inside a boost ring.
  • Requires the O2 Mask: Go back to the sewers that were flooded during your first vist. Follow the path until you get to the place where you can go up on the left on the top of some platforms. Go the other way (right, and down) to access a small tunnel. Follow its path to enter a small cave with the gold bolt.

Nebula G34

  • On the path leading up to the boss, you can visit a circular room with cages all around. On the right-hand side, one of the upper level cell contains a gold bolt.


  • Requires the Jetpack: In the furthest south area of the map, use your Jetpack to access a Magneboots track. Walk along it and turn the crank bolt located at the end. Keep following the path to reach an elevator that will take you to the gold bolt.
  • In the south-west area, a gold bolt is heavily guarded and protected by a forcefield. Defeat all enemies and activate the three buttons to access it.
  • In the north-east area, a gold bolt is located at the center of a hollow platform. Defeat the enemies nearby and wait for the the small volcano to stop spitting lava to get it.
  • In the north-west area, a strip of land can also be accessed from above using the Jetpack. Land there to access a gold bolt sitting next to a few crates.


  • In the first area of the level, the top of the building on the left-hand side (with a trespasser puzzle) can be accessed by performing wall jumps. A gold bolt is waiting for you there.
  • After crossing the first bridge, activated with a crank bolt, follow the path to your right (instead of the main path that goes down to the left) to access a gold bolt located after a few platforms.
  • In Fort Krontos, a gold bolt can be seen on top of the ramparts. To access it, you have to use a pile of crates to climb up. Those are located next to the bolt crank that opens the door leading to Starwatch. If you destroyed the crates, simply come back to the planet to have them respawned.


  • After the first ship segment, you reach small stairs followed by a bridge that you have to activate so that your companions can cross. From the start of this specific bridge, you can see a gold bolt in the water below, on the left. Dive to get it.
  • Near the beginning of the level, next to the area where you can get on the boat, jump into the water and follow the bottom of the cliff on your left to find a cave entrance. Follow the path to complete an optional objective and get a gold bolt.
  • From the furthest east area of the map, you can see a small rocky island. Swim to reach it and climb on top of it to get the gold bolt. Beware of staying within the limits of the level so that you do not get eaten by sharks.


  • In the south-east corner of the huge room where you have to fight the boss, a door is locked. Use your Trespasser to open it and access a crank bolt. Once activated, a blast door will open, giving you access to the gold bolt located accross a lava pool.
  • In the warbot production line, where you have to fight the boss, a button can be found in a small room on the western side. Activate it to disable the forcefield protecting the gold bolt located inside the center column of the factory.
  • In the very last room of Clank's segment (where you need to use 3 bots to power up some generators), a gold bolt can be seen behind a grate directly to your left when you enter the area. To access it, you need to retrieve the 3 bots, use one to jump onto the platform located near the bolt, another one to create a bridge leading to the grate and a final one to jump to reach it. You will also need to get a bomb from the previous room to destroy the grate.

Kalebo III

  • As you leave the room that can be spinned around using a Thrusterbolt, you will see a gold bolt on an upper platform on your right. Use the elevator at the end of the corridor reached using the Swingshot. From there, you can use a ledge on the wall to reach the area that gives you access to the gold bolt.
  • During the Hoverboard race, an alternative path on the right can be taken if you use your boost to reach it. Go through the three gates to open up a shortcut. Take it to get a gold bolt.
  • In the grind segment, activate the four circuit breakers to disable the forcefield blocking the alternative path near the end of the course. Two of the four circuit breakers are on the optional section near the beginning.


  • In Drek's office, with the planet models near the walls, a green button can be seen on the right wall (when standing from the Trespasser platform). Shoot it to activate its mechanism to lower a ladder that will give you access to a gold bot.
  • During your 2nd visit: In the room with the two big Drek statues, a ladder can be accessed by climbing on the top of the steel crates with a blue symbol on it. Use the moving platforms to access the gold bolt.