Titanium Bolts

This guide was originally written for the Ratchet and Clank Wiki


  • After the cut scene where Luna gets kidnapped, destroy the enemies and walk up the magnetic strip using your gravity boots. Defeat the enemies and walk to the zipline, instead of using the zipline, look to your left where you will see a small platform with a bolt on it. You can use a double jump and the Helipack to get there and get the titanium bolt.
  • When you arrive at the taxi ride across Pokitaru's water, jump on the taxi and take the ride. The taxi will bring you to a small island with some enemies on it, destroy the enemies and follow the coast line around the back of the island, there you will find a titanium bolt planet Pokitaru.


  • After you landed on Ryllus, walk to the cliff and look, you should see a small platform with a bolt on it, jump towards it to get the bolt.
  • After battling through the level, you will arrive at the last mimic plant. Use and when you land, look behind you and there will be a titanium bolt.


  • When you land your ship, jump down the edge to a small area covered in rocks. There is a small path leading to the Titanium bolt.
  • Right before entering the factory, go to the left, around pillar and grab the bolt.
  • When you get into that room where there is a floating ball of those red robots, look up, and there will be your bolt. The hard thing is getting there without driving yourself crazy. At the entrance there will be a gravity ramp on the right side of the wall. It will lead you straight up there.


  • You need the Polarizer. When you land on Metalis, there is a huge door behind your ship, use your polarizer on it and follow the path to a small platform with crates on it, there is a bolt in the middle of the crates.


  • When you arrive at the part with the three moving umbrellas, go to the second one, turn around. Quickly, use your Hypershot to shoot up where you will land on Qwark's hat, grab the bolt.
  • Continue to the vision of Ratchet's Garage with the mirror, Do not go inside but instead jump over the huge root on the left of the building, there is a bolt there.
  • Move to the Gadgetron vendor near the end of the level, there is a black portal there in which you can see a bolt, fire a weapon at it (exp. Lacerator) to get teleported to an area with a lot of boxes, maneuver over the boxes without hitting an explosive one to get the bolt. grab it. be careful though, if you fail, you will have to start the WHOLE level over again.

Medical Outpost Omega

  • Before the whole outpost explodes, after completing the third Clank turret section and the door opens up. Wall jump up between the two walls and immediately turn around, you will see a ledge that has the bolt on it. If you missed the bolt before the outpost explodes then it is behind some rubble near a medical bed when Ratchet returns to the outpost.


  • There is a small platform below the platform you land your ship there. use select to find it and jump down.
  • After you used your Polarizer the first time, enter the room and you will see a conveyor belt, wait a while and you will see the titanium bolt moving over it.
  • After you destroy the Otto Destruct statue using a plant, walk to the other side of the plant to destroy a wall behind it. inside the wall is the bolt.

Dayni Moon

  • At the beginning of the level there is a barn with two plants, water them and make sure the big one is inside the barn, use the small one to get on the big one which will transport you to a small platform with the bolt.
  • When you reach a big building, use your Shrink Ray on the grind lock, bring inside a Mimic plant and water the electro-soil. use this one to jump to a platform with a titanium bolt.

Inside Clank

  • At the beginning of the level, instead of using the zipline, just fall down and move your camera so that it sees the other side of the stairs. You should see a bolt. fly around and get it.
  • After the above titanium bolt, there will be a few enemies and a passage that leads to the next room. wall jump on the wall (which is hard because the walls are so far away from each other) and there will be a platform with the bolt. (Same Bolt).


  • After the red room with the moving Ratchet targets, there should be a room with crates that Ratchet clones come out of. In the corner on the left should be pile of boxes that lead go up to the bolt.