Ratchet & Clank: Gagaga! Ginga no Gakeppuchi Densetsu: Volume 1

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Title translation: Ratchet & Clank - Bang Bang Bang! Legends from the edge of the galaxy
Original title: ラチェット&クランク―ガガガ!銀河のがけっぷち伝説
Writer: のむら しんぼ (NOMURA Shinbo)
Artist: のむら しんぼ (NOMURA Shinbo)
Publisher: 小学館 (Shogakukan)
Prepublication magazine: コロコロコミックス (Coro Coro Comics)
Release dates:
jp flag Nov 28, 2005


While this manga is based on characters and locations developed by Insomniac Games in their first PS2 games, there is no plot strictly speaking as the emphasis is exclusively on humor. With a trigger-happy Ratchet who just moved from Veldin to live in the city, every situation is a pretext to deliver some jokes. Notably, Ratchet and Clank will encounter other characters of the serie like Qwark, Courtney Gears or the Thief from Going Commando.

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Main chapters

Here is Ratchet!! ラチェット参上!!
The birth of the strongest duo of the galaxy! 誕生! 銀河最強コンビ!
Clank, a genius inventor?! 天才発明家クランク!?
The Megalopolis Marathon! メガロポリス大マラソン大会!
Which one is the real one?! Two Clanks! どっちが本物!? 2人のクランク
Ratchet's bad luck ラチェットの不運
Clank discovers true love?! クランク、熱愛発覚!?
Studies at Qwark's coaching school! クォーク塾でお勉強!
Let's capture the beetle of illusions! 幻のカブト虫を捕獲せよ!
Weapon-powered survival!! ガラメカサバイバル生活!!
Clank's diet coaching!! クランクのダイエット作戦!!

Special chapter

The search for the protopet!! プロトペットを探せ!!

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