A retro design for Ratchet Galaxy and some other news

In the latest news, you discovered a brand new design, based on Quest For Booty universe. In this news, you will discover the ancient design of Ratchet Galaxy which was used a long time ago for the first version of the site. Indeed, this design was replaced by the current design on July 2009, that's why only a few English members will recognize it.

User image

Of course, we had to create new elements to suit the RGv2 structure, but we kept a lot of images that were used on that old-fashioned design (banner, menus, news) ;)
We hope that you'll like this retro touch as much as our french members already appreciate it

>> Design switch <<

R&C Collection Petition

If you followed our latest news, you should know that Insomniac Games is quite interested in the creation of a R&C Collection - a compilation of all the R&C on PS2 published HD-ised on a Blu-Ray Disc.
However, a project like this one can only be realized if a lot of people look interested, in order to convince SCEA to start this re-edition.
That's why we decided to upload a petition that we invite you to sign and that we'll send to Insomniac :^^:

> Sign the Petition

Other infos

> New R&C Items on the PlayStation Home.
> Insomniac confirms that their Burbank studio is actually working on two projects at the same time, like they did in the past 3 years.
> The Full Moon Show will continue soon, before summer arrives.

Comments (2)

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Deleted user Mar 14, 2010, 12:32:39 PM

heh that's cool emoji I only just found Ratchet Galaxy (The French version too) early this year, so I never saw the older version. Man, I'm so late getting into this fandom… wish I did a lot earlier :S
And it'll be rather neat to see the original 4 Ratchet PS2 games on PS3 too as a collection, too bad it wont happen unless there is lots of demand for it, hope it gets approved eventually.
And hmm Playstation Home? Im kinda not sure what that is, since I dont have my own PS3 yet (I use my bro's one sometimes) but it's interesting to see some of the classic characters in that collection too, but no Ace =O (sigh) lol
And Insomniac working on 2 new projects ehh? Sounds very interesting… emoji

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Deleted user Mar 24, 2010, 1:13:29 AM

I just hope that the PS2 R&C games come to PS3!