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"Screw the rules, I've got wings! And an 8-directional attack to go with that! AND METEOR SHOWER THAT HITS FOR TWO!"
-Shovel Knight Cut Dialogue


Well, what you know, I am a happy teen resident of a town in a small European country called the Czech Republic and since at the point I'm writing this I'm studying hard, I'm not gonna go into detail.

So, some facts about me: Interested in video game development, movie production, acting. Not sporty type.
Favourite games:
Ratchet and Clank series - (duh) looking forward to playing the game… in September…
Jak and Daxter series - Pretty cool, especially the first three ones + Daxter. TLF? Not so much.
Sly Cooper series - Oh yeah. PS2 platforming trio to the max.
LittleBigPlanet series - Love creating.
TrackMania, ShootMania - See above.
Crash Bandicoot (1-3) - Awesome. Great platforming, it's to me what Mario is to others.
League of Legends - Can't put myself to a permanent stop. Easier than DOTA, suits me well.
Hearthstone - Currently designing an adventure based on the above game.
Shovel Knight - In the process of imagining a custom character, Premiere Knight (pun, of course, intended).
Rocket League - So mucho funno!

I am also the VALIDATOR, which is a fancy word that means I read your fan fictions submitted to RG before they are posted (and generally choose whether or not they are actually released - Hee hee hee!).
That is, if someone actually submitted some!