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Country: New Zealand
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Um OK well, (I kinda suck at these)
My name is Christine Dell. Those that don't know me think I'm quiet. Those who do know me wish i was
I enjoy Ratchet and Clank (Duh!), Mythbusters, Stephen King and the Nostalgia Critic (ROFLOL!)
I am Aspergers, a kind of autism characterized by awkward social skills, inability to make eye contact and (in my case) poor hand eye co-ordination (Note to self, never work in a china store!). However, with any luck you won't be able to tell as I'm pretty good at faking normality (Kinda)
I'm an atheist as well. Don't like it? Kiss my rump ("Just for a minute lets all do the bump!" lol. Random family guy moment!)
Um… that's it really.
Oh, nearly forgot! I enjoy writing R&C fan fiction!
See ya!